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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Meet the BeatNiks: Harmonix’s Musical Monster Pet Game - iOS

BeatNiks , an original new virtual pet game where players care for a loveable monster friend, evolved from the music they love.

Designed by the creative minds behind Rock Band, BeatNiks is Harmonix’s first internally developed mobile game, in collaboration with publishing partner Tilting Point. BeatNiks is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

“Like the music on your phone or tablet, you can take your BeatNik everywhere you go,” said Harmonix spokesmonster and BeatNiks product manager Jessa Brezinski. “You’ll take care of your BeatNik like a pet, but unlike your dog or cat, your BeatNik looks forward to listening to music with you and sharing its opinions on your choices. You can play mini-games with your BeatNik, and the music you listen to will bring its world to life!”

Every player’s personal musical DNA beats at the heart of their new friend, shaping how the BeatNik evolves and grows. BeatNiks come in a huge variety of personalities, shapes, colors and sizes… they’re truly a unique reflection of their owners! Feed it, clean it, tickle it, play with it and make it grow into an adorable monster.

CREATE YOUR OWN BEATNIK: Pick its colour, shape and personality to determine its musical DNA.

TAKE CARE OF IT: Play with it, cook for it, feed it, clean it, poke it, tickle it and listen to what goes on in its head.

EVOLVE IT: Help your BeatNik grow into an adorable adult monster with new body parts and cool clothes.

DRESS IT UP: Personalise your monster with over a hundred clothes and accessories inspired by music: rock, pop, R&B/hip hop, dance, electronic, country, disco and many more.

DECORATE ITS HOME: Go from an empty room to smooth carpets, shiny furniture, grand pianos and trumpet lamps.

PLAY MINI-GAMES: Catch hot dogs, test your brain with a memory challenge, or flex your fingers with a variety of mini-games.

MAKE IT DANCE! Listen to your own music while playing to get an extra boost, and unlock cool outfits for your BeatNik based on what you listen to.

CONNECT: Enable Facebook sharing of the music you’ve listened to through Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio to help evolve your BeatNik even when you’re not playing!

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