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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kill Shot BravoFirst Person Shooter Game released - iOS Android

The date: ten years from now. You have been trained as the ultimate Special Forces soldier. Your mission is to successfully complete secret missions across the globe, eliminating hostile forces deep inside enemy territory.

From close quarters combat in the mountain ranges of the East, to reconnaissance missions on sunny sea-locked islands, you will travel high and far to save the world!

• Take control of vehicles to turn the tide of battle! Navigate close quarters combat from the back of a jeep, or take out hostile threats by air in hazardous helicopter missions
• Complete breach missions in all regions and enter occupied buildings, clearing them of any threat that gets in your way
• Encounter different enemy types each with their own strengths and combat objectives. Neutralize Flying Drones, Exo-Suit Soldiers, Mechs, Heavy Gunners, Enemy RPGs, Marksmen, Riflemen, and Commando Bombers.
• Move stealthily through the landscapes to find the best sniper vantage points and take out the criminals with the all-important Kill Shot!
• This time you won't be fighting alone! Friends can join you on missions, spotting the targets and assisting you to terminate enemies.
• Your Alliance needs you! Together you will discover and kill the targets with bounties on their heads before they can escape
• Full Chat function in game to allow tactical discussions with other players.
• Test your skill against other real snipers in live ranked player versus player matches in PVP mode
• Be the hunter before you are the hunted! Use your heat meter to zone in on the enemy threat. Take aim. Fire!
• Hold your winning streak and claim from the weekly prizes available.
• Customise your avatar and get Perks to help you in the heat of battle
• Unlock and equip cool Gear, including helmets, uniforms, body armour, goggles, facemasks and more.
• Get a fresh Kill Shot moment with every victory. Now YOU get to control the Kill Shot camera as the final round zooms towards its target for the ultimate hit
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