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Monday, November 23, 2015

A KitKat (kitto katsu) covered in real gold on sale in Japan...

Japan already gets flavours of KitKat we can only imagine. Now they're about to sell the most expensive KitKat ever - covered in real gold.

The 'Sublime Gold KitKat' will cost 2,016 yen ($16.41 £10.85 €15.44) for a single finger!

Baked potato. Soy sauce. Fruit Parfait. These aren't just delicious foods; they are also flavors of Kit Kat candy.

Kit Kats are the most popular confectionery treat in Japan

The hand crafted gold covered fingers will go on sale to celebrate the Japanese Nestle standalone stores.

Checkout the Nestle Japan stores website here

Only 500 bars will be made and they will be sold exclusively at the nation’s eight Chocolatory boutiques.

You could also win an actual, 24-karat gold version of the KitKat. At 230 grams of Gold (8.1 ounces), customers who sign up for the Chocolatory membership program in January.

Japan has a total of eight Chocolatory boutiques.

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