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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Play classic SEGA and Nintendo games on Apple TV with these instructions

Now you can play classic Nintendo and SEGA games like Super Mario World using the Provenance emulator.

Here are the instructions on how to play NES, SNES, GBA, Genesis, Game Gear games and more...

1 - Connect your Apple TV to your Mac via a USB Type-C cable.

2 - Plug-in your Apple TV to power outlet.

3 - Copy the clone URL from the Provenance's GitHub page - here

4 - Launch Xcode, select Source Control and click Check Out. Then paste the clone URL in the Repository box and click Next.

5 - Choose the Master branch and click Next.

6 - Hit Download.

7 - Choose Provenance.

8 - In the drop-down box, choose ProvenanceTV-release and select your connected Apple TV.

9 - Wait until file processing is over and then click the Play button to build the app.

10 - You will be prompted to select a development login for provisioning.
Just use a free Apple Developer account to do this - here.

11 - After the app is built, a message saying Running Provenance should appear on Apple TV. Disconnect your Apple TV from the Mac, and connect it back to your TV.

12 - Open the Provenance app, and click Import Roms.

13 - Browse to the IP address given to access the Provenance web interface on your computer. From there, you can upload Nintendo and Sega ROMs to your Apple TV.

A video tutorial on how to install the Provenance emulator...

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