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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Nintendo announce 'Nintendo Account' loyalty scheme to replace 'Club Nintendo' with free DLC to earn

To replace the now defunct Club Nintendo the company has announce Nintendo Account (catchy!).

Your Nintendo account will allow you to log in using your existing Facebook, Google or Twitter account or you can continue to log in using your Nintendo Network ID (great!).

The changes are intended to make it easier for gamers to connect with Nintendo as Tatsumi Kimishima (new Nintendo president) says -

"we have focused on making the new account easy to create or easy to sign up as well as easy to use - namely, it is harder for members to forget about it."
The old 'Friend Code' system has gone (no great loss) and eShop users will have browser access with online purchasing and direct download to your games console/s.

Players will now be also sent DLC notifications, possible discount codes and other messages.

My Nintendo will replace the Club Nintendo rewards scheme. Remember the scratch cards codes that came with Nintendo games? The codes were entered on the Nintendo website (after you've filled in a three page survey) all to build your points to earn something free (right)? All the good things were 'unavailable' when I tried. Then when I had thousands of point Nintendo removed them as they had 'expired'! They never returned them and I hated that!

The New points system promises to give you digital add-on content, merchandise, coupons for discount and more (I'll wait and see).

Also announce is Nintendo's own cloud storage (well everyone else is doing it) you can now save game info, character saves and share them between your consoles (will need online access).

Nintendo also promise:- "membership service benefits in other real-life facilities, like theme parks, movie theatres and shops" (I'll wait and see).

The new Nintendo account will be available from March 2016 by then we should have five new mobile games to play and earn points on. (yhipee)

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