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Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Cut the Rope Game on 5th Birthday Cut The Rope Magic - iOS Android

Cut the Rope: Magic will feature Om Nom in a brand new adventure with magical twists to the series' popular physics-based puzzles.

Happy Birthday Cut The Rope
Designed to offer fresh, fun challenges to ZeptoLab's community of hundreds of millions of fans around the world as well as those new to the series, players of all ages are in for a sweet treat this holiday season.

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One of the first mainstream mobile games when it was released in the early days of the App Store, the original Cut the Rope introduced the world to Om Nom, the candy-craving monster who has become the star of a globally popular multi-media franchise.

Today Om Nom is one of mobile gaming's most recognisable characters, appearing in homes around the world through the popular mobile game series as well as apparel, toys, cartoons, and even a recently-revealed feature-length animated film coming to theaters at a date to be announced.

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