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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Kill Shot Celebrates anniversary with update featuring New Region, Zombie Event and More - iOS Android

Having been the number 1 downloaded game in 58 countries and a Top 10 downloaded game in 150 countries in the last year, Kill Shot has proven to be a smash hit with millions of first person shooter fans and gamers across the world.

To celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary, Kill Shot players will be rewarded in this update with new content and gameplay, including:

- Free Bullet Skins: Players can collect a special new one-year anniversary bullet skin for free by simply logging back into the game. Get in now and check out the Kill Shot cam moments with your new ammunition.

- New Zombie Event: An all-new Zombie global ops event in the Castle region is scheduled for this weekend (Friday, October 9 – Monday, October 12). A new Zombie gun, the Brogan BA100-Z, is available for this event and should keep the hordes at bay. In fact, because nothing says happy anniversary like shooting zombies, we decided to run them for the entire month of October with a special Zombie event at Halloween.

- New Region: Celebrate the one-year anniversary with a trip to the Castle region.


- Choose your weapon: More than 46 million guns purchased

- Shoot to kill: Over 500 billion shots fired!

- Hit the target: Over 287 billion Kill Shots delivered!

- Aim high: More than 142 billion of those Kill Shots were head shots.

Jonathan Lim, Kill Shot Producer, commented, “Kill Shot as game has shown that mobile gamers are hungry for a realistic first person shooter experience, and we are catering to that. We would like to say thank you to all the Kill Shot fans and especially to those that are still playing the game after 12 months.”

Kill Shot is a mobile first person shooter available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Kill Shot can be downloaded for free from:

Google Play:

iTunes App Store:

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