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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

GTA 5 Lowriders Pimp my ride update only on PC and PS4 XO - Update NOW LIVE

The next GTA 5 update (October 20th release) Called Lowriders introduces new cars new customisation and Benny's Original Motor Work.

GTA 5 Lowrider update download

It will only be released on next generation consoles and PC.

New weapons and clothes options are also available

Update your car's engine and accessories

Benny can pimp your ride for you

Hang out with friends and compare updates

Show off your cars jumping ability

New Interior options

The new Benny's Original Motor Works in downtown Strawberry shop allows players to buy a selection of lowrider customisations, including air filters and engine covers to add to new interior options in various colours and design. Add a new gear level or steering wheel and your well on the way to pimping your ride.

There's a Benny's app on your in game phone where you can choose various customisation options.

The Lowriders update also brings new Lamar missions and new weapons buy a garage or car storage plus new clothing and hair options.

But this update also poses the question - are we going to see any new updates for PS3 and X360?

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