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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Go 1990’s Retro with Top Down Action Shooter Circuit Breakers - PC

Circuit Breakers, a trip back to 1990's arcade style glory launches on Steam on November 17th.

 A top down action shooter featuring a massive array of interesting weapons and a horde of killer robots, in Circuit Breakers you battle for control of a manufacturing plant while racking up combos and upgrades.

Connect controllers for up to four-player cooperative play and battle together for points while surviving endless waves of enemies. Circuit Breakers revolves around collecting energy crystals that power your weapons. Killing robots causes them to explode violently, leaving you to collect the shards flying across the room. Featuring four individual characters, Aldo, Shelby, Samson and Tay, each of them is a class with their own set of guns to use.

Aldo uses machine guns. He starts with the well-balanced repeater. With energy, he'll acquire his machine gun, then his heavy machine gun whose rate of fire is unmatched.

Shelby uses shotguns. Her spread gun upgrades quickly into her signature shotgun then into her super shotgun which can blow away multiple enemies with a single shot!

Samson uses explosives. He progresses from his compact missile to the powerful missile launcher and then onto volley missiles which can blow up entire crowds.

Tay favours her beam rifle which fires a long and precise burst of shots. Given a little power, she'll move onto the fusion beam and then the photonic beam which allows her to deal massive damage by piercing through enemies.

  • Easy-to-learn and hard-to-master chaotic shooter gameplay suitable for players of any skill level!
  • Chew through hordes of enemies with 4 unique characters
  • Local and Online multiplayer for up to four players
  • Classic endless top-down action in Arcade mode
  • Play through specific courses and compete for the highest score in Score Attack
  • An enormous Challenge Board full of secrets to unlock!
  • Customise your game with the Core System and fight things like super-armoured lightning-fast matrix-dodging death robots!
  • Local and Steam Multiplayer modes
  • A whole host of different levels including variable game levels with switchable core mechanic
  • Four playable characters
Circuit Breakers goes live on Steam on 17th November 2015.

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