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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Castle Clash Update: New Hero, Upgraded Building Sneak Peek - iOS Android

Announcing the update to Castle Clash. Select buildings will be remodeled and the fastest hero the game has ever seen will be joining the ranks.

Castle Clash update Sneak Peek
Buildings picked for makeovers are the Army Camp, Magic Tower, and Heroes Altar. After the update, those four buildings will have a modernized and improved look.
The new Hero, Skull Knight, will be a super swift tanker who boasts a Revive skill. He’ll be the speediest hero in Castle Clash and a lively addition to any team.

Castle Clash is a strategy build-and-battle mobile game; it’s free to play and features thrilling combat alongside eye-popping art. Players can hire powerful Heroes to lead legions of mythical creatures into battle. Challenging dungeons can be conquered and leader boards can be scaled in various Player-versus-Player battle modes. Clash for greatness, clash for glory!

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