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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Sovereignty this summer - Carnyx spreads its wings in EVE Online

In June, the masters of the universe are in EVE Online with the deployment of Carnyx inaugurating the first half of the evolution of the summer of Sovereignty . By July, updating Aegis , will follow suit in order to complete the overhaul of Sovereignty system.

These improvements following chambouleront how alliances control, organize and defend space, infiltrated by alliances involving up to tens of thousands of players. All are vying to get their hands on the wealth of the ultra dangerous regions called nullsec in the heart of New Eden.

Explosions vessels should engulf the galaxy now, then try the adventure in French for free for two weeks here .

Carnyx marks the beginning of hostilities with three of Sovereignty improvements that are the centerpieces of this version: Entosis link module, the possessions window of vulnerability, and the occupancy defense modifier. The positions in key solar systems have been strengthened by alliances of players to anticipate changes of sovereignty. These changes open new horizons for those who want to enter areas of low security, nullsec . It promises unforgettable clashes and skirmishes between small groups enemies.

Changes in Carnyx allow players to try their hand at new mechanical capture and control, with first of all the stations services. Then with Aegis, all sovereignty structures fall into the hands of those able to use a Entosis link module.

Other changes:

  • A more realistic physics : a complete overhaul of the textures of the vessels, with a realistic look for all non-organic objects. The result: the vessels, towers, wrecks and other capital drones are even more detailed than before .
  • Destroyer Tactical T3 Caldari the Jackdaw : the Caldari join the club with the new tactics Destroyer Jackdaw. Trigger a surge of rocket and light missiles at extreme range in Sharpshooter mode. Fly in circles around your opponents Propulsion mode. Strengthen your powerful shields with the defense mode.
  • New Burner missions cruiser : the presence of the Angel Cartel, the infamous criminal syndicate, brings new challenges in cruiser level battles.
  • New radar screen icons : new markers and radar indicators are more intuitive and consistent, and allow players to assess their environment more quickly and easily.
  • New skins: some of the most powerful ships of EVE are entitled to new appearances as the Marauders.

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