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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shadow of the Beast The story of Aarbron is told once more… PS4 Exclusive E3 2015

More than 20 years after the first title in the series captivated a generation of gamers, Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs will bring the visually stunning world of Karamoon to life once more in the PlayStation 4  exclusive Shadow of the Beast.

Embark on a ferocious, action-packed journey in your quest to dethrone the evil lord Maletoth.
Relive the legend, reimagined on PS4.

1. Explore Karamoon - Explore the eerie, yet beautiful world of Karamoon, discovering the secret items and challenges
that lie in wait.
2. Engage In Ferocious Combat - Carve your way through hordes of enemies and fight massive creatures in ferocious,
adrenaline-fuelled combat, unlocking increasingly brutal moves as you draw power from the blood of your enemies.
3. Unleash Dark Magic - Use magical talismans to enhance your abilities and dark magic to summon Shadow Beasts or
unleash the Wrath of Aarbron!
4. Step Into The Shadow Realm - Discover the souls of your friends and choose to release (help) them, or drag them
into the Shadow Realm, and challenge their combat skills through asynchronous multiplayer.
5. Survive Against The Odds - Put yourself to the ultimate test in “Zalek’s Challenges”, facing off against increasingly
cunning enemies in endless visceral combat.

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