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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Chaos Rings III - iOS Android

Chaos Rings III is set within Neo Paleo, a maritime city on a floating continent where adventurers gather to realize their dreams of reaching Marble Blue – an azure planet far off in the skies that features treasure, new lands and mythical beasts to experience. Players take on the role of Nazca, a young man living with his sister in a small village. After Nazca hears a beautiful maiden’s voice, urging him to reach Marble Blue, he makes his way to Neo Paleo to discover the fabled garden of myth, Paradisus.

Some of Chaos Rings III’s key features include:

Engaging Gameplay – Chaos Rings III features over 100 hours of gameplay with multiple modes, numerous side quests and an enhanced battle system.

Story Mode – Chaos Rings III has an ensemble cast of characters in a grand tale of epic adventure. Players can participate in the main story as well as a variety of side missions.
Battle Mode – Perfect for players wanting quick combat – survive three consecutive fights against strong foes in order to receive special weapons and item rewards. Monthly tournaments will further empower players with new items.
New Battle Mechanics – In addition to the “Break” gauge and “Gene” ability system returning, players can experience new mechanics exclusive to Chaos Rings III, such as “Auto Battle” for simple fights, “Barrage” for full-party attacks, and the “Special Strike” and “Climax Arts” abilities to finish off opponents.

Chaos Rings III is now available for purchase on the App Store and Google Play for $19.99.

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