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Friday, April 01, 2011

Angry Birds Rio Level 2-1 : 3 Star walkthrough - iPhone Android Mac PC

Angry Birds Rio Level 2-1 : 3 Star walkthrough.

Heavy Fire: Black Arms get free Wii points by playing the game - Wii

Special contest event to celebrate the success of Heavy Fire: Black Arms, which took the top spot on the WiiWare TOP20 list, just like its predecessor Heavy Fire: Special Ops. 

Cave Story 3D video game - Nintendo 3DS

Cave Story 3D is a side scrolling action adventure game inspired by the fan-favorite 2D original. Now in a full 3D world, Cave Story takes the proven 2D action, exploration into stereoscopic awesomeness.

New Angry Birds games Bing Video trailer - Episode 4

New Angry Birds games Bing Video trailer - Episode 4

Official Angry Birds 3 Star Walkthrough The Big Setup 9-12

Official Angry Birds 3 Star Walkthrough The Big Setup 9-12

Official Angry Birds 3 Star Walkthrough The Big Setup 9-11

Official Angry Birds 3 Star Walkthrough The Big Setup 9-11

New - Mortal Kombat 9 Tag team fight HD video game trailer - PS3 X360

Check out the video to see Kitana and Jade face off against Sindel and Mileena in this no-holds-barred catfight to the finish!

Bar Star HD 70% Off - Celebrating Feature by Apple and Daily App Show

Bar Star HD has been featured by Apple and the popular app review website and podcast, Daily App Show. To celebrate the New and Noteworthy feature and rave review from Daily App show, Bar Star HD is being offered for an amazing and limited time sale price. 70% off!

Fable III video game - Standard and Limited Collector’s Editions - X360 PC

Lead a rebellion, start a revolution, and rule a kingdom in Fable III. Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios present the thrilling new chapter in the Fable franchise exclusively on Xbox 360 and Windows. Action, drama, adventure and humour propel the story as players choose their journey to become King or Queen of Albion.
Here's what your box will look like - cool!

Conquer Online Beta Test Coming April 8th! - Mac

Macintosh owners just got another great MMO game to try out! The final Mac beta version of their 2.5D, free-to-play, Kung Fu MMORPG, Conquer Online is scheduled to be available for download on April 8th!

Add Burger King to BurgerTime HD: Delicious Edition DLC edition - Wii PS3 X360 PC

The return of Burger King's famous international mascot The Burger King to videogames. The Burger King will be featured in an expansive Downloadable Content pack for the upcoming retro revamp BurgerTime HD, slated to hit all major consoles and PC in summer 2011. The DLC will be free once gamers make required purchases of BK food items in the Summer of Yum promotion.

Realm of the Titans - tide walker HD video game trailer - PC PS3 X360 Wii DS

In Clash of the Titans, the battle for dominance between the human race and powerful gods is about to begin. Born of two worlds, Perseus struggles with the realization that Hades has mercilessly destroyed his family.

YouTube April fool takes videos back to 1911

Today, April 1st YouTube have added a 1911 button at the bottom right of some videos... This allows users to watch the video with a sepia tint and dirt and scratch marks (like old films) and I have to say they've made a great job.

New LA Noire Video: Slip of the Tongue HD video game trailer - PS3 X360

All-new LA Noire video called 'Slip of the Tongue, the exclusive bonus case when pre-ordering at
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