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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Fahrenheit Paranormal thriller video game

New York January 2009 For no apparent reason, ordinary people are killing total strangers. Although there are no direct links between the murders, they all show the same ritual patterns.

Lucas Kane becomes one of these murderers, and haunted by strange visions he must try to keep one step ahead of the police to discover what is happening to him Inspector Carla Valenti and Agent Tyler Miles are heading up the investigation.

A series of disturbing clues takes them into a world they can only dream of Meanwhile the early onset of winter paralyses Manhattan in an unbearable grip of snow and cold. Each day the temperature drops as the winter conditions draw over the dark streets of New York.

The final countdown has already begun!
* Paranormal thriller with an absorbing storyline
* Tense and chilling atmosphere in a Hitcockian style Multi view split screen to allow the player to view different areas and activities in the game
* Easy to use and learn interface
* Choose to play and switch between 4 of the key character during the game
* Mental health system to keep your character strong and focused.
* Choose to play as one of the four leading characters, Lucas Kane, Detective Carla Valenti, Carla's partner, Detective Tyler Miles and Marcus Kane, Lucas' brother
* Play through a total of 44 bone chilling acts.
* Manage the mental health of each of your characters by choosing the correct course of action and maintaining their psychological balance.
* Special multi-view split screen allows players to see what is happening in a different area of the game whilst playing through a particular scenario.
* A unique combination of interactivity and cinematography, enhancing the intense storyline and adventure
* Spectacular action sequences
* Easy to learn and easy to use interface Dark and moody atmosphere, creating an "edge of your seat" experience.
* More than 50 stuntmen and actors were used to motion capture in-game characters in order to create incredible realistic character models, dynamic cinematics and high-caliber Hollywood-style action sequences.
Watch the video HD here...

Platform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Atari
Rating: 15+

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Video game reviews of 2008 - GTA IV, Star Wars, Mortal Kombat, Mirror's Edge, Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, Too Human, Haze & Prince of Persia

Top Reviews of 2008 from Kotaku...
Grand Theft Auto IV Review: Life, Liberty City And The Pursuit Of Happiness
The Force Unleashed Review: As If Millions of Star Wars Fans Suddenly Cried Out
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Review: Finish Him
Mirror’s Edge Review: Leaps of Faith End in Splat
Call of Duty: World at War Review: The Modern Warfare Effect
Left 4 Dead Review: 2 Good 2 B 4gotten
Fallout 3 Review: Wasting Away Again In Radiationville
Too Human Review: Dyack's Human Too
Haze Review: It Sure Beats Pumping Gas
Prince Of Persia Review: Like Sands Through The Hourglass

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January video game release dates PC PS3 DS Wii and Xbox 360...

Fishing Master World Tour - Wii - 6th January
Black & White 2 - Mac - 6th January
Le Seigneur des Anneaux L'âge des conquêtes - DS, PC, PS3, X360 - 9th January
Personal Trainer Maths - DS - 12th January
Moon - DS - 13th January
Lord of the Rings Conquest - PC, PS3, X360 - 16th January
Mirror's Edge - PC - 16th January
My Chinese Coach - DS - 16th January
Commander in Chief - PC - 20th January
Deer Drive - Wii - 20th January
Perimeter 2 New Earth - PC - 20th January
My Fitness Coach - Wii - 23rd January
Nobunage's Ambition Iron Triangle - PS2 - 27th January
SimAnimals - DS, Wii - 30th January
Saints Row 2 - PC - 30th January
Skate 2 - PS3, X360 - 31st January

Other January releases without a date...

Case Closed One Truth Prevails - Wii
Cookie Shop - DS
CSi New York - PC
I-Fluid - PC
Mr Biscuits Case of the Ocean Pearl - PC (online)
Our House - Wii
Red Faction Guerrilla - PC, PS3, X360
Scrabble 2009 - Wii

Apple iPhone biggest hit of 2008?

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Apple was a busy company in 2008. Over the past twelve months, the number of Apple-branded products on the street has become so broad and ubiquitous that it's hard to go a day without seeing evidence of it, even if you're not a Mac, iPhone or iPod owner.

And while it doesn't appear that Apple plans to slow down any in 2009 -- despite the seemingly endless supply of rumors about the health of CEO Steve Jobs - it's worth reflecting on some of the most notable innovations from Apple in a year that easily ranks as one of the most significant in its 31-year-history.

More here...

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