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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Competitive World of Tanks just got even better - ESL integrates Wargaming.net Battle API

ESL developers are preparing to integrate Wargaming.net’s latest technological development, Battle API (Application Programming Interface), into their online ESL Play platform. As the world’s largest esports company, this is set to significantly improve the esports experience for World of Tanks players from all around the globe.

Since ESL and Wargaming.net partnered in 2011, ESL World of Tanks players have secured themselves well over one million dollars in prize money. Battle API integration represents just the latest step the two companies have taken towards paving the way to a higher standard of esports events and user experience worldwide.

GameGuru the easy game maker - create and sell your own games - PC

Have you always dreamed of making a game but have no wish to delve into the mystical realms of programming or 3D art creation? GameGuru allows you to fulfill your dreams in a non technical, fun and extremely easy to share way. Create games that you can literally play with others in minutes.

GameGuru launches today as an official Early Access product on STEAM http://store.steampowered.com/app/266310/ , which means that the easy to use, game creation tool for beginners, hobbyists and Indies alike will be available on the largest digital store in the world.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sublevel Zero is blasting its way to PC Mac and Linux

Sublevel Zero is a first-person, six-degree-of-freedom roguelike shooter set in a universe where reality is falling apart. Step into the cockpit of a lone gunship and navigate your way through a labyrinth of procedurally-generated 3D levels, puzzles and foes to source valuable ancient artefacts. Descend into a vast underground facility in your mission to loot and craft ancient technology which holds the key to your clan’s survival!

Inspired by gaming classics such as Descent and Forsaken as well as contemporary shooters like Teleglitch, Sublevel Zero’s gravity-defying combat is driven by modern looting and crafting. Battle enemy fighters, surface foes and turrets who strive to halt your progress.

Fable Legends Free to play screenshots - XO

Fable Legends Free to play

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare some Havoc DLC new screenshots - PS3 PS4

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The Hunter Australian Reserve 5 million players and counting - PC

The most advanced hunting simulation ever created is growing rapidly. Expansive Worlds announce that theHunter has reached more than 5 million registered players, making it the largest virtual hunting community in the world. 4 million of the total players have joined in the last 22 months.

To date, theHunter players have walked 72 million kilometers, spent a total of 2500 years in-game, hit their targets more than 63 million times (but missed more than 50 million times). Players have found more than 240 000 chantarelles, 1826 rare golden eggs and 54 million not quite so rare piles of poop, or droppings as they are more accurately referred to.

Mortal Kombat X MKX Story Trailer - PS3 PS4 XO X360 PC

gameboyuk on YouTube over 70 million views #gamezplay

Friday, February 27, 2015

Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions Turn-Based RPG - iOS

Unveil the world of Echo Dawn, a classic console-style RPG where discovery, strategy and challenge are at your fingertips. Fully customize your party, stats, and difficulty level. Oh and in the process, you will save the world and be a hero of LEGENDARY proportions. Ninja included!

Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions

Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions offers deep, tactical gameplay in an epic 15-hour long fantasy RPG, in which the first humans face corruption and ultimate destruction. Delve into a story of memories, blood, death, betrayal, love, life and friendship, and all that comes with it. Be challenged with turn-based combat that allows you to discover hundreds of abilities and equipment. Test your strategic prowess to see if you can decimate your enemies, emerge victorious, and unravel the bold and daring story.

Heavenstrike Rivals mobile RPG new screenshots - Android

Set in the now tattered aerial kingdom of Lunnain, HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS features a vicious group of nightmarish monsters known as the Fallen, who seek only the kingdom’s complete destruction.

Heavenstrike Rivals mobile RPG

Following these ruthless attacks, the people of Lunnain have come together to repel the Fallen, strike back at the heavens and bring prosperity back to their kingdom.

FINAL FANTASY XV- Episode Duscae New screenshots - PS4 XO

With the upcoming release of the FINAL FANTASY XV – EPISODE DUSCAE – demo, SQUARE ENIX released new screenshots featuring the expansive environment in the Duscae region, the camp system, along with missions that Noctis and his party will take on in the game.

FINAL FANTASY XV- Episode Duscae

FINAL FANTASY XV -EPISODE DUSCAE- will be available day and date with the Day One Edition of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD. More details regarding the exclusive playable, downloadable demo will be available shortly.