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Monday, October 12, 2015

Marvel Heroes 2016 find out what the future holds... - PC Mac

Marvel Heroes 2015 – the super-powered free-to-play action-RPG for PC and Mac – will level up to Marvel Heroes 2016 this December.

Whereas the rebrand to Marvel Heroes 2015 focused on turning things around (the game’s Metacritic rating skyrocketed from 58 to 81 after a number of key adjustments to content and pricing model), Marvel Heroes 2016 represents an initiative to continue this momentum with releases of new tent-pole additions on a regular basis.

Halo 5: Guardians - NASCAR paint schemes - XO

A Land Fit for Heroes Richard Morgan - iOS Android

Flying Battleship Quetzalcoatlus Dinosaur joins Ark game - PC XO PS4

ARK: Survival Evolved – with two new climate-specific areas the “Swamp” and “Snow” biomes – the Studio Wildcard team has let loose the newest dinosaur on the island, the massive flying battleship dino “Quetzalcoatlus.”

Known to his friends simply as “Quetz” this gigantic creature can safely carry vast amounts of supplies, creatures and ARK survivors from one base to another. Current players can update their game then scour the skies to locate the rare Quetz flying among the clouds.

The Coma - Survival Horror Adventure - PC

The Coma is the debut title from Korean independent game developer, Devespresso Games. It's a 2D survival-horror adventure game set in an abandoned high school. Make your way through the haunted school, packed full of dangerous sights and traps.

The school’s hellish corridors are not all you must contend with. Your fellow classmates and teachers have warped into frightening ghosts. Even worse, there's a psychotic killer on the loose who will stop at nothing to hunt you down.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Check out this funny Kinect gameplay video...

Castles Action Puzzler Gameplay trailer PC

Action Braewler Transformers Devastation new screenshots - PC PS4 PS3 XO X360

TRANSFORMERS: Devastation moves at a breakneck pace: rocket through danger in vehicle mode before bursting into robot mode to unleash a barrage of close-quarters combos and blaster fire.

Transformers Devastation
Tackle the game’s gripping single-player campaign and 50 highly challenging bonus missions with any of five playable heroes – OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, SIDESWIPE, WHEELJACK and GRIMLOCK. Each of these characters can be evolved with new abilities, unique talents and more than 150 upgradeable weapons.

Magic student Zoey joins Orcs must die! Unchained - PC

In the latest beta update of Orcs Must Die! Unchained, publisher Gameforge and developers Robot Entertainment are sending the sassy mage Zoey out into battle.

Magic student Zoey joins Orcs must die!

Still very much wet behind the ears, the aspiring young mage does not always manage to carry out her casts in the way she intends.