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Monday, May 22, 2017

A Whole New World Retro classic game jump and shoot - PC Mac Linux XO

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Shadow Warrior 2 - Katana-heavy first-person shooter now on PS4 XO - PC

Katana-heavy first-person shooter Shadow Warrior 2 is now available digitally on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For a limited time, eager ninjas can get Shadow Warrior 2 for a discounted price of £29.99 along with a free download of the original Shadow Warrior for Xbox One or PlayStation 4!

Shadow Warrior 2 katana-heavy first-person shooter - PC PS4 XO

Friday, May 19, 2017

PSN Flash Sale Full list of games 19 May 2017 PS4 PS3 PSV

PS4 Games (Name, New Price, Discount)

10 Second Ninja X £3.29 59%
Alone With You £3.29 59%
Among the Sleep £3.99 67%
Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition £1.69 74%
Art of Balance £2.49 66%
Beach Buggy Racing £3.29 59%
Beyond Eyes £3.29 67%
BlazeRush £3.29 59%
Blue Estate £3.29 67%
Brothers: a Tale of two Sons £3.29 78%
CastleStorm Definitive Edition £3.29 73%

Portal Knights - RPG set in a colourful world mine, build, craft and defeat enemies of The Fracture - released on PS4 XO

Portal Knights, the cooperative action-RPG developed by Keen Games and published by 505 Games, launches today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after refining the gameplay experience in Steam’s Early Access program over the last year, helping them create an imaginative 3D sandbox world with a focus on tactical action combat and RPG levelling up.

In Early Access, Keen Games gathered critical feedback from the community to iterate and improve Portal Knights for its official release, adding new content for players, ranging from larger islands to additional timed events, on a near-monthly basis for over a year. 505 Games and Keen Games remain committed to listening to community feedback after the game releases and plan to add more content and new features on a regular basis.

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth Will Be Available Sept 5th 2017 - PS4 PSV

The adventure is ending because Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth will be available in Americas and Europe on September 5th 2017! The game is the sequel to the upcoming Mask of Deception and takes place right after the dramatic events of the previous game.

Chaos has taken hold of the land in Mask of Truth as a conniving general has unlawfully seized the throne of the mighty Yamato Empire. The only ones that stand in his way are a couple of familiar faces who must rally different kingdoms together and fight against the powerful Imperial army. An 80+ hours long visual novel/SRPG experience awaits as you'll get close with a new cast of colorful characters, fight in numerous exciting engagements with an enhanced battle system, explore intriguing new lands, and more.

Release date for The Walking Dead A New Frontier Episode 5 - From the Gallows - PC XO PS4 iOS Android

The official release date for the critically-acclaimed The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier's upcoming Episode 5: 'From the Gallows.'

Beginning Tuesday, May 30th, players can download Episode 5: 'From the Gallows' on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC/Steam, iOS, and Android-based devices. The episode will also download for all users of the special Season Pass disc for consoles, which includes the critically acclaimed two-part premiere episode and grants access to all subsequent episodes in the five-episode season for download as they become available.

Out of the darkness comes Fall of Light! PC Mac

Fall of Light, a story-driven dungeon crawler set in a world consumed by darkness. Developed by RuneHeads, the game will come to Windows PC and Mac OS in the autumn via Steam and other digital stores. More information, together with a hands-on build, will be available at this year’s Gamescom.

Fall of Light takes the player into a dark world, where an old warrior leads his daughter towards the last remnants of sunlight. Only together will they be strong enough to defeat the enemies born from the Shadow. The lack of light in combination with stylized graphics underline the game’s grim atmosphere, both in the world above and the one below – the birthplace of the evil threatening to end the Era of Men.

How to get Xbox Live Gold for Free - legally! Plus Free access to Minecraft Xbox One Edition

Microsoft is giving all Xbox players on Xbox One and Xbox 360 free access to Xbox Live Gold through May 21 all non-members will be able to enjoy the perks previously reserved for Gold Members.

Check it out here (US)

Microsoft has also announced that everyone can get free access to Minecraft Xbox One Edition (a $20 value). For the next few days, you'll be able to play online with your friends and check out the latest version of Minecraft.

Run for the hills! Constructor teases The Killer Clown and The Psycho undesirables - PC PS4 XO Switch

Details of The Killer Clown and The Psycho, the final undesirable characters to be revealed for Constructor, coming soon to PC DVD Rom, Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

If you’ve got an aversion to clowns, The Killer Clown will really tingle your spine, and this character isn’t looking for laughs; they’re dangerous individuals with a penchant for damage. The Psycho doesn’t pull any punches either, sawing up buildings and causing huge amounts of havoc. He’s a sandwich short of a picnic. Avoid at your peril, but deploy these crazies at your whim.