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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Skullgirls 2nd Encore edition PS4 details Plus PS3 Update adds Robo Fortune

The PlayStation 4 version of Skullgirls 2nd Encore is released tomorrow in America. A European PS4 release is happening on Wednesday, July 22. The PlayStation Vita version “will be out a little later this summer” and includes cross-buy with PS4.

In North America, the game costs $24.99 regularly, with PlayStation Plus members saving 20% when pre-ordering and receiving a theme. In Europe at launch, PlayStation Plus members will get a 10% discount, as well as a theme.

Dishonored 2 new screenshots - PC PS4 XO

Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the Lord Regent has been vanquished and the dreaded Rat Plague has passed into history.

An otherworldly usurper has seized the throne from Empress Emily Kaldwin, leaving the fate of the Isles hanging in the balance. As either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, travel beyond the legendary streets of Dunwall to Karnaca – a once-dazzling coastal city that holds the key to restoring Emily to power. Armed with the mark of the Outsider and powerful new supernatural abilities, hunt down your enemies and forever alter the fate of the Empire.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut for FREE - PC

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut will be available as a standalone title on Steam. It will cost absolutely nothing for players who own all three games of the trilogy (by that we mean it will be free). For new players, the complete and extended content of the Final Cut will cost $44.99.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut will be released in September 2015, and will continue to provide content for a long time to come.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Mortal Kombat X Predator Bundle Predator as Playable Character - PS4 XO PC

Mortal Kombat X Predator Bundle, new downloadable content (DLC) that features the ultimate hunter, Predator from the films of the same name, as a playable character and three new character skins including Commando Johnny, Infrared Scorpion and Carl Weathers as Jax.

The Predator Bundle is a part of the Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack, providing fans with Mortal Kombat X DLC for £24.99. Players who already own the Kombat Pack will be able to download the Mortal Kombat X Predator Bundle starting tomorrow, 7th July.

Deponia adventure game for iPad

With Deponia, Daedalic set a milestone in German gaming history and since then has been like no other developer of adventures made in Germany. In Deponia, players take on the role of the chaotic and narcissistic tinkerer Rufus, who makes his home on the trash world of Deponia.

Rufus has long dreamed of escaping the trash heaps and starting a new life in the flying city of Elysium. Rufus sees his chance when the beautiful Goal falls into a nearby pile of junk and at his feet.