Saturday, December 16, 2017

Nintendo Switch eShop UK Christmas sale games list

Find all of the Switch discounts below:

  • Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition - £28.49 (was £37.99)
  • Let's Sing 2018 - £26.99 (was £29.99)
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 2 - £13.29 (was £18.99)
  • The Bridge - £6.29 (was £8.99)
  • Unepic - £7.19 (was £8.99)
  • Caveman Warriors - £8.76 (was £11.69)
  • Teslagrad - £12.14 (was £13.49)
  • Namco Museum - £14.99 (£29.99)
  • Yono and the Celestial Elephants - £10.99 (was £12.99)
  • Earth Atlantis - £10.79 (was £13.49)
  • Slime-san - £8.50 (was £10.00)
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - £38.49 (was £54.99)
  • Oceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted Seas - £9.03 (was £13.49)
  • Wheels of Aurelia - £6.29 (was £8.99)
  • 88 Heroes - 98 Heroes Edition - £22.49 (was £29.99)
  • Mighty Gunvolt Burst - £6.29 (was £8.99)

Michiru Shimada Anime scriptwriter has died her daughter confirms

Shimada is a graduate of Waseda University. She made her screenwriting debut in 1980. She died at age 58 from an undisclosed illness.

Michiru Shimada wrote scripts for some of the biggest and best anime, One Piece and Little Witch Academia included. On Friday, her daughter announced that she had passed away at just 58 years old.

Merry Quakemas biggest Quake Christmas update ever!

Quake Champions has just received one of its biggest updates ever, adding tons of new content and features for fans in Early Access that expand player options and raises the bar for competition in the Arenas.

The December Update includes:


  • Quake 3 Arena’s fan-favorite “resurrected war machine,” Keel, hops back into the arenas with his Grenade Swarm active ability, allowing players to launch a barrage of grenades, as well as his Stockpile passive ability, which reduces the cooldown on Grenade Swarm with every ammo box he picks up
  • Keel is free for players who own the Champions Pack, and is available for purchase for 800 Platinum via the in-game store for everyone else

Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.2 online - Conquer the Creations of Omega: Sigmascape

Warriors of Light venture further into the depths of Omega’s self-created battlefields with the introduction of the newest 8-man raid, Omega: Sigmascape, in Patch 4.2 for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

In the upcoming patch, titled Rise of a New Sun, players will turn their gaze to Doma in the next chapter of the main scenario quest line. The patch also introduces numerous updates including challenging new trials and dungeons, a large update to the glamour system, a number of system enhancements, and the highly anticipated Forbidden Land of Eureka.

Romancing Saga 2 released on PS4 XO PC Switch

Square Enix welcomes new fans to experience the classic RPG Romancing SaGa 2, which is now available for the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch console, STEAM, Xbox One and Windows 10.

With exciting, enhanced features since the original release, Romancing SaGa 2 comes to modern platforms for the first time. Players can sit upon the throne of the Varennes Empire and control several generations of rulers in a valiant battle against the Seven Heroes. A dynamic freeform scenario system - a hallmark of the million-selling SaGa RPG series - enables you to take command of a variety of protagonists along the line of imperial succession and experience the history of a nation as it grows and changes based on your actions.

Taito Christmas sale up to 80% off mobile games - iOS Android

The Taito Christmas Sale for mobile games started on Friday, December 15, 2017 and ends on Monday, January 15, 2018!

Included in the sale are titles such as Bust-a-move Journey, offered at a discount for the first time, shooting games like the three titles in the RAY series, as well as the Space Invaders series which is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018. A total of 8 titles enjoyable throughout the Christmas season will be available for a discount of up to 80%.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Police Simulator 18 game delayed until Summer 2018 - PC

Fans of gripping police simulation games will need a little bit more patience before they can go on patrol in the fictional US city of Loston Bay: In order to meet the wishes of their very active and enthusiastic community developer Bigmoon Entertainment and publisher astragon Entertainment have decided to postpone the release of POLICE SIMULATOR 18 on PC to summer 2018.

“Through our close communication with the members of our player community we have received a tremendous amount of constructive feedback regarding the development of POLICE SIMULATOR 18 from police fans all over the world. We are of course striving to implement as many of these elements as possible, so that we will be able to offer players a police simulation that fully matches their expectations.

25% off the Purchase of a 12 Month PlayStation Plus Membership for all Players Including Current PlayStation Plus Members

The offer is available on PlayStation Store from 10AM GMT on Friday, 15th December to 10AM GMT on Tuesday, 19th December. This offer will also be available at participating retailers in select SIEE markets.

With PlayStation Plus, active members can enjoy exclusive features and benefits including PS4 online multiplayer, two PS4 games each month, exclusive discounts, 10GB of online storage for game saves, and bonus games such as PlayStation VR (PS VR) title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood as well as PlayLink social party game That's You!.

Legrand Legacy - Tale of the Fatebounds JRPG gameplay - PC

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL joins Nintendo Switch on December 21st

The most decorated release of Tiny Troopers ever, Joint Ops XL allows prospective soldiers to make full use of the Nintendo Switch’s touch screen, or use the Joy-Con controllers or Pro-Controller for classic twin stick control, as they:

  • Relive the original campaigns from Tiny Troopers & Tiny Troopers 2: Spec Ops with over 60 action-packed missions
  • Brainsssssss! Fight for your life through 8 Zombie Campaign missions, 4 fast paced undead wave maps & zombie survival mode
  • Push your miniature militia to the edge with Ultra-Hardcore difficulty

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL is an epic bite-sized arcade shooter, filled to the brim with action-packed mini maps of mayhem!