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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Tile Miner Game build your own adventure Conquer dungeons Create kingdoms and Punch bees PC & Mac

Releasing today on PC and Mac via Steam, Tile Miner invites players to step inside their own randomly generated and completely unique land, with the power to mould it exactly to their liking. That is, if they can survive the first night.

Awaking to find themselves alone and with empty pockets, players will need to find food and shelter before nightfall to stay alive. However, the vast surroundings provide bountiful resources, and survival is just the first step towards turning the unforgiving landscape into the kingdom of their dreams.With a breathtaking depth, Tile Miner offers the chance to experience the game in a myriad of different ways. Players can build homes and towns wherever they choose, attracting villagers and crafting kingdoms. They can farm the land by tilling soil and cultivating crops, and mine the mountains for precious materials.

The land is not as benign as it may first seem, though. With elemental dungeons waiting to be explored, filled with treasure, puzzles and unique enemies, there are challenges to overcome scattered throughout the world.

  • Perhaps players will forge their own weapons to take on these hidden threats. Or perhaps they will learn alchemy and magic in their quest to conquer evil. Tile Miner empowers its players to forge their own path through the game.
  • In development since 2014, Tile Miner releases from Early Access today. Over the course of 7 years, developer MadSwan has been unwavering in its mission to create one of the deepest sandbox adventures.
  • Chris Madden of Madswan said ”After many years of development we’re thrilled to finally be releasing Tile Miner! When I was a kid, I played the original Zelda games and as an adult I’ve loved the sandbox world of games like Minecraft and Terraria. It’s been a fun journey bringing those two types of games together with Tile Miner. I hope you’ll enjoy making this world of adventure your own!”

Tile Miner launches today on PC via Steam, priced £11.39 - $14.99 - €12.49.

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