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Monday, November 01, 2021

Horror Story Hallowseed story driven psychological survival game a terrorised man's friend search

Horror Story: Hallowseed, a story-driven psychological survival game following a terrorized man in search of his missing friends developed by Jeff Winner and published by 1C Entertainment, has left Early Access to haunt Windows PC with its 1.0 release.Venture onto a terrifying journey as Michael seeks answers to his friends’ disappearance during a camping trip. Explore the sinister forest, an abandoned mansion, and its unsettling underground for clues. Solve puzzles, unlock secret levels, and beware of the frightening events activated by Michael’s actions.

The revamped experience brings a larger map, puzzles, new levels, redesigned forest area and house, upgraded visuals, a terrifying ending, many new scares, and more, as Michael discovers his shocking connection with this desolate place.

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