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Monday, November 08, 2021

Cyjin The Cyborg Ninja Precision platform game

Developed with ultra-precise control in mind, Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja will push your gaming skills to the very limit. It's not just the lasers obstructing the path or the deadly spikes, but also an army of hostile yōkai-inspired robots. Can you find a way out of the enemy-infested mazes and defeat the fearsome Shōgun? If your answer is “yes,” it’s time to put away your keyboard and face a whole new challenge ...KEY FEATURES
  • Unique Mouse-Based Twitch Control: Use your lightning-fast mouse movements to overcome obstacles and guide Cyjin. Accelerated Dashing: Crush your enemies before they know what hit them.
  • Swift & Precise Platforming: Aim with your mouse to choose a path – carefully navigating hazards and obstacles to stay alive.
  • Exciting Bosses: Intense boss fights that will challenge your skills.
  • 2D Cyberpunk Setting: Experience a world that blends Eastern themes with a cyberpunk vibe – from the deep wasteland of the Junkyard to the traditional futurism of the Urbanscape.
  • Challenging Puzzles: Quick thinking and inhuman reflexes required. Better start stretching those fingers.

Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja will be available on Steam until Wednesday November 10 for only $9.99.

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