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Friday, October 29, 2021

Orbital Bullet For Eternity Game Update 360° Roguelite Shooter

The For Eternity update introduces some kick-ass new gameplay features for those hardened soldiers who want to frag forever. The all new Eternity Tower game mode throws 50 challenging stages, all in a row, rewarding you with neat tools as you master each level. But that's not all, the new Endless Mode will challenge your skills to the max as you climb the endless shifting Eternity Tower as high as you can with increasing difficulty! How long can you survive?

Key Features of the For Eternity Update Include:
New Game Mode: Eternity Tower - Master 50 difficult stages in a row and unlock new rewards such as class skill points, weapon fragments and more.
Endless Mode: Climb the endless shifting Eternity Tower as high as you can with ever increasing difficulty.
New Upgrades: 4 new upgrades are waiting for you including all new Laser Goggles for the Engineer!
Reworked Class System and New Skins: Each class now has a unique skin as well as updated passive skills.
Improved Enemy Variety and Tier System: Feel like you need more of a challenge? Sure thing! There are recolored and buffed enemy versions of the current ones which means over 30 enemies being added.
Reworked Difficulty System: Without spoiling too much, there are a host of new settings and options to provide progress for the new Overcharge system.

Assemble is also offering a special ‘Save The World Edition’ of Orbital Bullet on Steam for £18.99 €22.99 $22.99 that includes the thumpin’ official soundtrack. The publisher will make a 10% donation to Ocean Cleanup from every ‘Save The World Edition’ edition sold.

Throughout Early Access, developer SmokeStab invites players, fans, and all members of the community to join the official Discord to share feedback, gameplay recommendations, content suggestions for new weapons, challenges, bosses, planets, enemies, and more during the pre-launch phase.

Orbital Bullet is currently in Early Access on PC via Steam for £10.29 - €12.99 - $12.99.