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Friday, October 29, 2021

Lords & Villeins World Update Game Medieval Pixel-Art Colony-Simulator

Hear ye, hear ye! By the decree of the King, the first of the game’s three Early Access Content Updates, dubbed “The World Update”, introduces a slew of new options and challenges for the aspiring medieval rulers, who shall henceforth in their daily lives encounter the following:
New zones and professions: Caravan Marketplace, the Inn, Hunting Area
Start trading with travelling salesmen, serve meals and beverages and provide beds to visitors (who might settle down in your village) and hunt wild animals.
New Wild Animals and Herd Behaviour
Animals now spawn regularly in herds and move through the map in search of food. Carnivores like bears, boars, and wolves will hunt other animals for food. They may even attack villagers if they get desperate!
New Pets - Cats and Dogs
Villagers now have a small chance to appear with a pet - a cat or dog.
Pets will follow their owners around and can protect them in a fight.
Villagers build relationships, date, and request to marry.
They greet each other in proximity or when sitting at the same table, progressing their relationship either in a positive or negative direction When villagers have mutual special interests and if relationships increase well enough, they may form a romantic relationship, can go on a date from time to time and have a chance to request permission to marry.
Villagers use equipment
They will actively seek and use the items best suited for their profession. What is a hunter without leather armour and weapon after all?
Dynamic weather, temperature and soil quality
You need to keep your villeins warm, manage your fields to not exhaust your land and changing weather will impact your harvest as well!
Structures and equipment deteriorate in time
All your walls and structures need regular repairs, equipment eventually breaks down and needs replacement.
Beauty overlay
Design of your village matters! Nice neighbourhoods will be more pleasant for your villagers to live in than basic areas without any decorations.
New fighting system
Villagers and animals can now fight each other.
Most fights between villagers end with fainting.
Fainted villagers are dragged to the bed by their family relatives to recover.

And much, much more. Verily, this update empowers the rulers and brings their villeins so many new possibilities, that a short piece of parchment such as this simply cannot contain it all! Lay thine eyes upon this tablet and learn all there is to know about Lords and Villeins: The World Update!

Lords and Villeins is available for $19.99 €19.99. The game supports English and Czech languages. The 1.0 release is scheduled for 2022.