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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Happys' Humble Burger Farm horror adventure cooking sim Game the trailers

Grill burgers, fry some nuggies, and fulfils all your duties as Happy’s Humble Burger Farm’s newly hired night shift manager. Be aware of the creepy things trying to scare you and do not make any mistakes, or face the wrath of Happy the Humble Heifer. During the day, explore New Elysium City, face horrific monsters, and try to put together the secrets behind the Obscura Biotech corporation, and unlock your lost memories.

The alarm goes off. It’s a brand new day but… You have no memories, just an incessant thought reminding you to report to Happy’s Humble Burger Farm night shift. Grilling burgers, frying nuggies, and baking cookies sound like an easy enough task until creepy things start happening all around. The mascot Barnyard Buds statues moving by themselves, lights turning off out of the blue, and doors that can’t seem to keep shut are just the beginning.

Block unsettling occurrences out of mind by fulfilling orders and managing the entire restaurant. Complete the daily duties from the board, get rid of live rats, unclog toilets, put out literal fires, and beware of the demon-like figures trying to mess with your shift. Above all else, stay away from Happy the Humble Heifer–commit enough infractions and the merry cow becomes an evil beast ready to tear you apart.

Keep your distance from Happy exploring the streets and storefronts of grand ol’ New Elysian City to uncover the secrets of the Happy’s Humble Burger Farm franchise, Obscura Biotech, Paragon, and your very existence. Collect tapes and research pages scattered around town to piece together the mystery behind your memory loss. The city’s buildings hold more than just cardboard figures, and the gargantuan Petey the Portly Pig blowing up explosive Poppin’ Pork sandwiches is just the beginning of a never-ending series of nightmares… And you’re stuck on repeat.

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is an immersive psychological thriller experience featuring ‘90s style graphics, over two hours of talk radio, more than 60 TV programs, and a chilling soundtrack composed of 14 albums, with nine recorded exclusively for the game, all playable from the restaurant’s interactive jukebox.

“We are thrilled to finally bring the fulfilling and terrifying Happy’s Humble Burger Farm experience to life,” said Kaleb Alfadda, Lead Programmer. “We can only hope Happy the Humble Heifer won’t scar third shift workers for life!”

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm launches on Friday, Dec. 3, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility, and Steam for Windows PC for $19.99/€19.99. It will petrify in English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish (Latin America), Traditional Chinese, and Turkish languages.