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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Giants Uprising Game mayhem, giant-on-giant combat and destruction

Magic – a mythical power that can shape the world. It can be a source of power for one and the reason for their enslavement to another. A weak human race would be of no threat to the mighty giants if it weren’t for a magical fungus called miselium that human ancestors once brought to Earth. Humankind has seized that magical power to build cities and fight opponents that would normally be out of reach, such as the once-glorious race of giants, now humiliated, enslaved, and used as free labor and a fighting force. 
You were one of them, caught and locked in a cage like a mindless beast. But, unlike the rest of your kin, you were lucky enough to escape. Now, you feel your anger and lust for revenge grow as you realize that most of your giant brothers are gone. Find out what happened to them, reclaim your right to freedom, and show the humans the power of a giant’s wrath

Giants Uprising is a fantasy hack ’n’ slash game full of giants and unlimited destruction! Take on the role of a powerful giant who finally breaks free from enslavement to seek revenge on the ruthless human race. Crush, destroy, and massacre everything you encounter along the way. Terrify and destroy in Smash Mode. Buy weapons, armor, and amulets with in-game currency, upgrade your equipment, and continually increase your skill level to put an end to the way humanity is exploiting your race once and for all! Use your fists, clubs, hammers, stones, and brass knuckles to crush people with the strength of your mighty blows. Raze villages, towns, and any other settlements you find to the ground. Take revenge on the selfish human race for your race’s years of slavery

  • Feel what it’s like to be a powerful, fearless giant who crushes everything that stands in his way.
  • Terrify and destroy in Smash Mode and show people who the most powerful giant out there is.
  • Pimp your gear that consists of hammers, clubs, cudgels, and knuckle-dusters to increase your chances against the humans.
  • Collect the in-game currency needed to buy more advanced equipment.
  • Discover a fantastic medieval world enriched with an atmospheric soundtrack