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Saturday, June 05, 2021

Alekon Game Journey through your imagination with mini-games and dialogue

Journey through your imagination to photograph whimsical creatures, known as fictions, embodying concept from Micro Management to Rainy Day Magic.

Once photographed, fictions join you on Dream's Doorstep, where you can befriend them by helping out with mini-games and dialogue quests. Paint auroras, tune and play musical instruments, design snowflakes, compose ghost stories, stump fictions lost in existential musings, and much more.All this is interspersed with wandering around the realms, and using tools like donut treats, magnets, and throwable fireflies to solve puzzles and get fictions to strike collectable poses.

  • 50+ characters, each with unique personalities, dialogue, quests and collectable poses.
  • Photography gameplay, with photo scores unlocking new levels to progress the game.
  • Full free roaming movement, in addition to the classic on-rails experience.
  • Unique quests and minigames, many involving photography, music, art, and dialogue.
  • Puzzles, solved with tools like donut treats, movable magnets and throwable fireflies.
  • An original soundtrack, inspired by Nintendo 64 classics.

  • No time wasted. Every quest reward is a unique game mechanic or piece of content.
  • Old soul, modern polish. We recreate a nostalgic vision while adhering to modern standards of UX.
  • Creative and non-violent. Photography, art, and music instead of fighting.