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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Pureya - collection of charming arcade pachinko machine and mini game madness on PC and mobiles

Avoid dangers and collect as many marbles as you can through delightful 10-second minigames. After each round, spend earned marbles in the pachinko machine to unlock new games, skins, and even collectibles. Pureya's simple controls and dynamic difficulty allows players of any skill level to jump right into its satisfying fast-paced roulette.

The clatter and rattle of a pachinko machine fills the air of a young girl’s home. She slips as she reaches for more marbles, accidentally scattering them across the room. Her imagination runs wild as she races to collect them through delightful and chaotic 10-second minigames.Soar as an eagle, dodge cannon fire, or even tiptoe as a flamingo to gather as many marbles as you can. After each round of minigames, spend marbles in the pachinko machine to unlock new games, skins, and collectible medals. With simple 2-button controls and a dynamic difficulty that adjusts with performance, players of any skill level can jump right into pureya’s fast-paced roulette.

Test your skills in Endless Mode or practice any game you’re struggling with in the minigame library. Master the entire arcade collection and challenge yourself or friends to score the most marbles. Play games, unlock prizes, and enjoy pure fun in pureya.

Pureya Key Features:
  • More than 30 10-second minigames
  • Unlock new minigames, skins, and more than 250 collectibles in the pachinko machine
  • Simple 2-button controls and dynamic difficulty for players of all skill levels
  • Master every minigame in Endless Mode or replay favorites in the game library

Original dynamic soundtrack by Alejandro Maciá
"Classic arcade games are wonderful, but they can quickly become tedious,” says Alva Majo, Creator of pureya. “I wanted to enhance that experience with engaging 10-second intervals. Whether you’re looking for a quick 2-minute play session or hours of earning skins and collectibles, pureya’s accessibility and variety of modes offer never-ending minigame madness.”

Pureya will be available for $5.99 on PC and $3.99 on mobile devices when it launches on March 26. PC, Mac, and Linux owners can wishlist now on Steam, while mobile players can find pureya on the Play Store today as well as the App Store closer to launch.

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