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Monday, March 29, 2021

Magic: The Gathering Arena Out Now On Mobile, New Card Set Strixhaven: School of Mages Out April 15th

Wizards of the Coast has unveiled the latest details for its next Magic: The Gathering premier set, Strixhaven: School of Mages. Releasing on MTG Arena for PC, Mac, iOS and Android on April 15th and tabletop on April 23rd, Wizards of the Coast revealed a first look at brand new cards, new mechanics, and special cards from Magic’s past and more.

First Day of School
Over 30 Strixhaven cards debuted today, including powerful Planeswalker cards for Kasmina, Will and Rowan Kenrith, and Professor Onyx (a familiar face in disguise!). Players were also given a deep dive into Strixhaven’s five schools and the elder dragons that founded them - Lorehold, Prismari, Quandrix, Silverquill and Witherbloom.

New Card Mechanics
New spell-based mechanics were shown off, including “Magecraft,” where players receive bonuses or different gameplay effects for casting instants and sorceries. “Learn” gives players the ability to obtain select sorcery cards called “Lessons” from outside the game, which provides early and late game versatility depending on the state of a match.

The Mystical Archive
Strixhaven’s massive library, the Biblioplex, contains the Mystical Archive, an archive of all spells ever cast in Magic’s multiverse. Three of the 63 Mystical Archive cards were revealed: Duress, Lightning Bolt and Time Warp. All cards in the Mystical Archive are legal in the formats they are currently legal in and playable in limited/draft format.

Players are guaranteed to receive one non-foil Mystical Archive card in each draft and set booster pack with the potential for an additional foil version. In Collector Boosters, players receive three Mystical Archive cards with a chance for an additional foil and foil etched version.

Alternate Japanese Artwork and Language
Available in all Collector’s Boosters and through Japanese language set and draft boosters, players can obtain special Mystical Archive cards with alternate artwork by Japanese artists printed in Japanese.

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