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Sunday, March 07, 2021

Button City: narrative driven adventure game make friends with rabbits pandas and other cute animals

Help Button City’s new kid in town Fennel Fox make friends with other adorable animals. Visit the local arcade and help Fennel Fox join the Fluff Squad, a group of charming animals that love video games. Unfortunately, greedy fat cat Peppermint Pepper bottom wants to tear down their favourite spot in the relentless pursuit of profit.

Band together with rivals on a hijinks-fueled escapade to preserve their beloved hangout, home of Gobabots and other playable arcade games in this low-poly adventure accentuated by a soundtrack from musicians who worked on Guildlings.Unfortunately, greedy fat cat Peppermint Pepperbottom has other plans. If he gets his way, he’ll tear down the arcade in his heartless pursuit of profit. Fennel, the Fluff Squad and their rivals must band together to save the arcade, preserving Gobabots and other playable arcade cabinets including a drift racer and a high-energy rhythm title in this low-poly adventure accentuated by synth-pop tunes from the same musical team that worked on Guildlings.


This video highlights gameplay in Gobabots. Two teams face off to collect the most fruits by harvesting them straight off the plant or prying the delicious snack from enemy hands. Eight collectible toys slot into the arcade cabinet to alter a player avatar’s looks and play style, and can be mixed and matched to form the ultimate team. Only the toughest competitors will climb the ranks and win the coveted ninth Golden Gobabot.

Button City will be available on Steam PC.

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