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Friday, February 05, 2021

Sophistry - Korean romantic visual novel game on Android iOS PC Mac Linux

Have ever watched a Korean drama - or any romantic drama for that matter -, and wished that the lead character was another protagonist of the show, or that the main lead went for another girl (or guy) than the one they featured.

In Sophistry, you live this drama the way you want! You want to see it from the eyes of the lead character, so be it, what about from the eyes of the second lead or even the antagonist? What do I say; you can even play it from the point of view of the love interest! What about romances? Here again, it’s your choice, your story.

With 6 playable characters and each with 3 potential love interests, that’s a base of 18 full romances stories and plot lines.

With approximately 1.2m words, this is probably the most complex story ever written for a visual novel.

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