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Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Get a Grip Chip challenging grappling hook 2D platform game on Switch

Get-A-Grip Chip, the charming and satisfyingly challenging grappling hook 2D platformer from Redstart Interactive, flings through the air and lands on Nintendo Switch Thursday, March 25 with new unlockable skins. All new content will come to PC via an update on that same day.

Chip and Scan-It Janet build Battery Bots on the ROBOCO assembly line like they would any other day. One factory accident later, Janet takes an errant gear to the noggin and destroys the floor, sending Chip and the Bots plummeting into the caverns below ROBOCO.With its magnetic grappling hook, Chip can easily overcome every pitfall, laser, drone, mine, or other hazard in the way. Fly across five themed factory floors and collect Battery Bots hidden throughout 30 levels. Unlock eight brand-new cosmetic skins including 8-Bit Chip and a vampire costume by completing new challenges added since the PC release.

Like any other day on the assembly line, Chip and Scan-It Janet happily build Battery Bots. When a factory mishap damages Janet’s circuitry, the discombobulated droid destroys the floor in a flash. Now it’s up to Chip to save the lost Battery Bots and help Janet return to her senses.

Any other wheeled, land-locked robot would find ascending ROBOCO daunting, but not this chap. Chip’s head-mounted magnetic grappling hook makes vertical traversal a breeze. Roll across platforms then launch the hook to acquaint Chip with a fun little thing called the Y-Axis. Get-A-Grip Chip’s satisfying single-button + dual joystick control scheme ensures challenge arises from intelligent, intuitive level design instead of wrestling with that darn controller.

With more than 200 Battery Bots awaiting rescue across 30 lovingly-crafted levels through five diverse worlds, Chip’s got plenty of work to do. Master the hook and fling through the increasingly intense Assembly, Incinerator, Abandoned, Innovation, and Shipping floors. Chuck Chip over chainsaws, launch over lasers, and even escape chases with Scan-It Janet.

Some Bots wait in plain sight while others are hidden in secret rooms off the beaten path. Sure, Chip can beat the game by saving only 120 bots, but why stop there? Get-A-Grip Chip’s Switch debut and accompanying PC update introduces eight new cosmetic skins earned by completing various challenges. Dress up in solid gold or don a vampire outfit, then strut Chip’s stuff and push those skills even further with per-level leaderboards that encourage further mastery.

Navigating treacherous terrain never gets too stressful thanks to an aesthetic inspired by cute retro cartoons. An eclectic score courtesy of Eva Lawitts’ project Stimmerman propels the platforming to new heights with a toe-tapping mix of loungey jazz, hypnotic hip-hop, and even surf rock. And the best part? No head-mounted magnetic grappling hook required to headbang along.

“While Get-A-Grip Chip starts with an assembly line, we hope Nintendo Switch players will feel the love we personally put into making each level,” said Vicky Wei, lead level designer at Redstart Interactive. “Chip’s ‘just one more try’ nature makes it a perfect fit for the platform, and we hope PC players love the new challenges and cosmetic rewards we added.”

Get-A-Grip Chip launches on Nintendo Switch™ March 25 in English and Japanese for $14.99.

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