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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Blazing Sails Pirate Battle Royale new update

Discover A New Island, Sail Damage, Dragon Masks and More.

Pirate Battle Royale Blazing Sails celebrates the Lunar New Year with its biggest ever free update.

The Lunar Lands offer expansive new views and the most vertical, layered terrain in Blazing Sails - perfect for sniping other teams from afar.
You won't be safe out on the high seas either now there's sail damage to contend with! Use special ammo to tear a new hole in your enemies - and use your hammer on your masts to do repairs, just like the hull.


This is the 3rd major content update to Blazing Sails after it launched into Early Access in September. Since then, the game has become publisher Iceberg Interactive's greatest-ever hit on Twitch. Some of the biggest names on the platform including alanzoka, LIRIK and Elraenn have led a charge that's seen more than 1.7 MILLION hours of pirate action watched in 2020.


 Blazing Sails is available now in Early Access on PC via Steam for $14.99

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