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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Yacht Mechanic Simulator 2021 PC Game Sell your yacht, earn money, and become a millionaire!

Build your own yacht empire! Find old yachts, patch their hulls, fix their engines, and add new parts. Design and install beautiful interiors of your vessels. 

Pilot your ships and check how they handle in the water. Sell your yacht, earn money, and become a millionaire.

  • Several different yachts to work on
  • Beautiful, photorealistic graphics
  • Various repair mechanics to patch the hull, fix the engines or upgrade navigation
  • Plenty of parts to use, which you can either repair, or purchase from a store
  • Open water where you can test your yachts
  • Career mode with story missions
  • Auction system
  • Randomly generated missions
  • Ability to upgrade your workshop and grow your yacht fleet
  • Decorative elements that let you create both cozy and luxurious interiors
  • Paint tools and various different materials to use
  • Unlimited fun

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