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Monday, January 18, 2021

Vote for the Game Development World Championship

The Game Development World Championship (GDWC) Fan Favourite Final Vote has opened today. There are a whopping 32 games from 18 countries competing for the title of Fan Favourite game of 2020.

Fan Favourite Finalists have been picked by gamers during GDWC Weekly Votes throughout last year with the winner each week moving on to the Finals. The Top 3 teams in Fan Favourite category will take home The GDWC 2020 Care Packages.

Fan Favourite Finalist Nominees are:
  • Haven by The Game Bakers (France)
  • The Pancakes Official Game Show by Dema Studios (Italy)
  • Project Grove by Antler Studios (United Kingdom)
  • Keylocker | Turn Based Cyberpunk Action by Moonana (Brazil)
  • Codename Mallow by Ancalabro (Canada)
  • Helheim Hassle by Perfectly Paranormal (Norway)
  • Quash by Team Quash (France)
  • Grid Fight - Mask of the Goddess by Playtra Games (United Kingdom)
  • Rising Lords by Argonwood (Germany)
  • Dark Fracture by Twisted II Studio (Israel)
  • Receiver 2 by Wolfire Games (USA)
  • Dr Livingstone, I Presume? by Vulpesoft (Poland)
  • Popup Dungeon by Triple-B-Titles (USA)
  • PROJECT D : Human Risen by Cat Games (Indonesia)
  • Fat Bear Week by Team Fat Bears (Finland)
  • Tiny Lands by Hyper Three Studio (Spain)
  • Digital Janitors by Tired Turtle Games (USA)
  • Kiki's Vacation by HyperBeard (Mexico)
  • Mystic Pillars by Holy Cow Productions (India)
  • The Wordland Scape by Digital Monster Collective (Spain)
  • ExtraGalactica by Ghost Street Games LLC and Digital Yogurt (USA)
  • The Strange Story Of Brian Fisher: Chapter 1 by Intetic (Macedonia)
  • Nanotale - Typing Chronicles by Fishing Cactus (Belgium)
  • Leturn - Defense Of Magic by Dreams Studio (Indonesia)
  • AVA by Stardust (Switzerland)
  • The Last Cube by Improx Games (Finland)
  • Paper Disco by Mad Pixel (Brazil)
  • Orbits by __Rudrac (India)
  • Graves of Kin by Project Parallel (Indonesia)
  • i++ by 2Fork (India)
  • Dawn at my Neighbourhood by Anti-Gravity Bunny (Brazil)
  • Victory Heat Rally by Skydevilpalm (USA)

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