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Friday, January 08, 2021

Street Cleaner: The Video Game - 8-bit retro style platformer

Street Cleaner: The Video Game is a 8-bit retro style platformer based on the works of modern synthwave musician Street Cleaner. Inspired by action films of the '80s to write the soundtrack to a vigilante movie that never existed, he has broadened his sound from retro synth inspiration to chiptunes, darksynth, and more. Street Cleaner: The Video Game is the licensed game that would have been made based on that movie, brought to reality.

Battle through seven action-filled stages with ten intense boss fights like Master Feng the ninja overlord, Big Jerry the dance club manager, and Agent Artemis sniper extraordinaire.Take on the criminal underworld with your trusty baseball bat and gun, challenge yourself to the dangerous one hit kill Hardcore Mode, or tweak game settings in Assist Mode for those who may need a bit of a leg up.

  • ALL NEW soundtrack of authentic pulse-pounding 8-bit chiptunes by the Street Cleaner himself.
  • Seven Stages featuring ten exciting boss fights.
  • Stylish 8-bit retro aesthetics combined with modern visual flair like large scale pixel animations, parallax scrolling backgrounds and particle effects.
  • In game controller/keyboard remapping for convenience and accessibility.
  • "Assist Mode" game mode for accessibility options allows EVERYONE to play the game how they want to by adjusting settings like: infinite health, infinite ammo, double jump, reduced game speed, and more.
  • "Hardcore Mode" game mode for players in search of extreme difficulty.

Game Name: Street Cleaner: The Video Game
Developer: Brooks Bishop, Creaky Lantern Games
Release Date: Jan. 7, 2021
Platforms: Steam, consoles pending
Price: $14.99
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese

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