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Monday, January 04, 2021

Sky: Children of the Light - Season of Dreams launched

To start 2021 the heartfelt adventure seasons in Sky: Children of the Light so far. Billed as the ‘Season of Dreams’, the development team focused on the beauty of a community coming together to uplift a local young performer. The award-winning studio also recently shared that the title is slated for a spring 2021 release for the Nintendo Switch. 

SEASON OF DREAMS (Available Now!)
It takes a village to reach a dream! From the initial spark of an idea to the relentless graft - the latest season channels the emotional rollercoaster of bringing a personal dream to life! Players follow the tale of a young skater who aspires to perform for the kingdom’s coliseum. This Season will see the eagerly-anticipated expansion of two new areas in the Valley of Triumph realm. Experience the young skater’s memories in one of Valley’s humble villages and the multiple training courses between them and the final performance.

Explore the ‘Village of Dreams’ and ‘Hermit Valley’ where players and their friends can practise their best moves on the ice together! Greet the Season Guide and Four Retired Mentors who put players to the test with multiple lessons. Gameplay will focus on nailing performance skills. Have you got what it takes to elevate your skills and perform onstage among the best of them? Unlock four new expressions (‘Showdance’, ‘Peek’ ‘Spin Trick’ and ‘Bear Hug’). Receive four new masks, four new capes, one new hairstyle, two new headwear, two new pants, one new musical instrument, two new music sheets, and a season pendant. Additional Features: Tier 2 Heart Capes, New Memories to experience with the Valley of Triumph spirits (Backflipping Champion, Bowing Medalist, Proud Victor).

Traveling Spirits: Ancestors of seasons past continue to appear in the kingdom, offering players the occasion to discover them, build friendships and unlock items.

Sky Merchandise: Fans can now purchase a Sky themed umbrella or TGC pin as well as look out for the next wave of memorabilia in the coming months. Head to

Sky is free-to-start and is currently available on the App Store ( and Google Play ( Sky will launch on Nintendo Switch in spring 2021, with other multi-format releases at a later date. 

All features of 'Season of Dreams’ can be activated by purchasing the Adventure Season Pass at $9.99, and for gifting with the three-pack bundle at $19.99 within the Sky app.

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