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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Mr Prepper play the exclusive beta version...

Mr. Prepper is about to be prepared. You know something is wrong, the risk of a nuclear war is in the air and you need to be prepared for what's coming.

They promised freedom but dealing with your paranoid government is just another day in this survival crafting game;

- Build an underground shelter
- Craft machines that can keep you alive; farms, greenhouses, tools, vehicles etc.
- Trade with neighbours, give them what they need, get what is useful to you
- Make a plan, something needs to be done
- Beware of the secret police, they don't want you to be prepared, they want you to stay under their control

Mr. Prepper is the guy who lives in a country which once was the land of freedom but step by step its government changed everything.
If you don't obey - you disappear. Be as they want you to be or be gone. Our hero decided to oppose, to get out of this delusion of life.
The only way for him to hide his plans and his doings is to build an underground shelter and construct a machine that helps him change this situation.
But he will need materials, materials so rare in this world - help him get them, help him break the status quo.

Craft, Trade, Survive, Overtake control.

Beta is limited at some points and is specially prepared to be a "testing" version of the game.

- Players are able to access and explore only the first level of each location
- Quests lines are limited to the beginnings
- Not all workbench tiers are enabled in the beta, hence not all items are craft-able

Important facts to know about the BETA:

- Localisation is not fully finished yet - some languages might show English words instead. Each next update will provide more translated text
- There might be some small placeholders or missing audio files - all will be fixed soon
- The game should not have performance issues at the moment, however we are planning serious optimisations at the very end of the production - which means that any FPS drop you might experience should be fixed before the game is released

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