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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Infinitrap: Rehamstered first playable DEMO after 2 years early access - PC Mac Linux

Infinitrap: Rehamstered announce the first playable DEMO for the new game, Infinitrap:

InfiniTrap : Rehamstered is a reboot of our original Infinitrap game released 5 years ago. Infinitra: Rehamstered is a fast paced top-down platformer game for hardcore players. The game will start off with 30 levels and will be available on Windows, OSX and Linux (Steam and DRM-free).Every level starts with the player character standing on the start tile. The start tile is perfectly safe-- No, trust me. It's safe. Once you leave the start tile, you have a limited time to reach the treasure before the level crushes you. To complicate things, each level will include a number of obstacles to waste your time and possibly kill you. You can make your own levels and share them with other players!

Game features:
  • Gamepad support.
  • 30 challenging levels.
  • A full-featured level editor.
  • Custom levels support.
  • The game is HARD
  • Run on Linux, Windows, OSX.

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