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Monday, January 18, 2021

Fishing: North Atlantic discount this week on Steam 2021

Cast out a Lifeline Through These Cold Winter Nights Into Fishing: North Atlantic, Now Available for 20% in a Week Long Deal on Steam

Spend these cold winter days of lockdown indoors… fishing? Yes, fishing! The most realistic deep sea commercial fishing simulator, Fishing: North Atlantic is now on sale for 20% off on Steam until January 25th, for £22.23

Choose from 27 handcrafted boats and brave precise and punishing weather conditions in the harsh seas of Nova Scotia, which have claimed many a seaworthy vessel, to reel in the big catch that will keep your commercial fishing empire afloat! Featuring authentic atmospheric effects and a range of fishing techniques to catch elusive deep sea prey, such as harpoons and deep line buoys to capture large fish like tuna and swordfish, or traps to snag crabs and lobsters, Fishing: North Atlantic is all of the thrill of high sea commercial fishing without the freezing water, snow, ice and wind of the elements in real life! Advanced fish-AI puts your GPS and sonar to the test as you follow the movements of your prey, which can be quite finicky depending on water temperatures, currents, storms and thermoclines.History
Fishing: North Atlantic is based on our previous game Fishing: Barents Sea, which was our first PC game released 7th of Feburary 2018.

Since Fishing: Barents Sea became such an success, we have carefully been listening to our communities feedback and suggestions and decided to rebuild, overhaul and improve most of the major features from Fishing: Barents Sea.

We have more and less started from scratch! We hope you will enjoy our new game, with lots of new and improved features. Stay tuned for more news that will be announced in the coming time ahead.


  • Fishing methods – Harpooning, Deepline, Lobster, Crabbing, Trawling, Longline and Net.
  • Fish species – Tuna, Swordfish, Silver Hake, Lobster, Snow Crab, Cod, Haddock, Pollack, Redfish, Mackerel.
  • Advanced water shader and weather system from trueSKY, with realistic weather data from the area.
  • Dynamic fish prices - Other fishing boats will also fish and deliver fish at the ports, which affects the prices.
  • Dynamic fish habitats - Fish will swim around the map through the yearly seasons.
  • 27 real handcrafted boats available from license partners from the fish industry.
  • Huge map over Nova Scotia, Canada (200x300km) with six realistic ports.
  • Fishing industry license partners - A. F. Theriault & Son, Scanmar, Hermes, Selfa, Skipasyn and Moen Marin.

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