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Friday, January 08, 2021

Exos Heroes - new idol trio group first Hero in the trio: Violet Sound - Nika

Exos Heroes’ new idol trio group revealed, three Heroes in idol Fatecores to be presented through weekly updates.

Legendary Hero Nika’s new idol Fatecore Violet Sound available for pick up
Collect Fergie’s New Year Hanbok Fatecore just by logging in

LINE Games Corporation’s mobile RPG Exos Heroes has revealed its new idol project group and new matching Fatecore series. For three following weeks, Exos Heroes will present three Heroes as idols, and the first Hero to come up to the stage is Legendary Hero Nika.

The first Hero in the new idol trio group: Violet Sound - Nika
In the parallel world of a new timeline, Nika has become an idol, and the second eldest of the trio group.
She is known for using personally customised instruments during shows, but she often brings out rather eccentric customisations that causes the audience complaint, and even the residents around the show to file a complaint. Check out Nika’s exclusive weapon Bounce Maker as well.

Players can collect Nika with her new Fatecore on via Chance Increase Recruit until January 14th.

Collect Fergie in New Year Hanbok Fatecore Also, the 7 Day Event giving Fergie in her Hanbok Fatecore is now on, and everyone logging into the game for a week can receive the Fatecore along with other in-game items, including 700 Xes, 30,0000 Gold, 5 Nation Recruit Tickets and more.

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