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Friday, January 29, 2021

Curious Expedition 2 Explore trailer roguelike adventure

Narrative roguelike adventure, Curious Expedition 2, has entered into commercial launch on PC (Steam). After their highly successful Early Access period, Maschinen-Mensch have been improving the game gradually into the ultimate procedural storytelling roguelike experience. Curious Expedition 2 is available now on Steam for €19.99 - $19.99 - £16.99. Stay tuned for an extensive post-launch content plan in 2021, which we will detail in the near future. A console release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation platforms will follow later in the year.

Take on the role of an intrepid explorer, assemble your crew, and come across all manner of unique cultures, flora, fauna, treasures and more. With a timeless art style inspired by the classic Franco-Belgian comics of the 20th century and an arrestingly charming orchestrated soundtrack, Curious Expedition 2 is a pulp adventure storybook come to life.

Using a combination of hand-crafted and procedural gameplay and story elements, Curious Expedition 2 creates completely unique and epic adventures every time you play. It tells its story through traditional choice-based adventure mechanics, but also adds in resource management, turn-based exploration and combat sections with dice-roll mechanics, and roguelike elements. It’s a curious mix of genres and subgenres, all wrapped up in a streamlined and accessible gameplay experience with powerfully dynamic options.

In Curious Expedition 2, no two adventures are ever the same. Your character and those you recruit are all procedurally-generated with specific classes, but with their own unique look, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. On your adventures, all manner of unforeseen circumstances can positively or negatively impact your progress, so careful resource and sanity management is needed to make it back home with your spoils - and your team! There are multiple expedition types, each with their own unique goals and events. Will you seek out the legendary Golden Pyramid, or choose to recover the Rainbow Orchid instead? Plunder ancient shrines, haggle with traders or indigenous tribes, loot ghostly pirate ships, and a whole lot more in your own procedural pulp adventure. In Curious Expedition 2, a world of unimaginable wonder and surprise awaits!

Curious Expedition 2 is available now for PC (Steam), priced at $/€19.99 - £16.99.
Later in 2021 Curious Expedition 2 will come to Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

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