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Saturday, January 02, 2021

Anagrams - Puzzler Match Colorful Tiles & Solve Brain-Teasing Anagrams

Anagrams on Steam and With 35 unlock-able word categories and 3 bonus game modes, Anagrams features over 1400 levels and anagrams to solve. Original music sets the mood for each game mode, ranging all the way from heart-pumping to meditative. For players looking to chill or those ready for a challenge, Anagrams has a little something for all the puzzle lovers out there.

“As puzzle lovers ourselves, we wanted to make something with a wide range of difficulty, but also something we could wind down with,” said Rachel Reed, one-half of the husband and wife duo at Hero Game Co. “Anagrams combines some of our favourite things: minimalist yet colourful design, ambient music, hours upon hours of gameplay—and, of course, anagrams!”

Anagrams features 4 unique game modes, each tailored to a particular type of puzzling experience:

  • Classic mode: first, play a letter-matching level, then solve an anagram made up of the same letters. Keys—which are used to unlock new categories and game modes—are earned for every 5 anagrams solved, but increasing difficulty makes them a challenge to collect.
  • Blitz mode: in a race against the clock, players can choose between frenzied letter-matching levels or try to solve anagrams in under 60 seconds. Zen mode: all the pressure is off in this carefree mode. Players can choose between relaxing, endless puzzles or solve anagrams with limitless hints—all to the tune of a nature-inspired soundtrack.
  • Free mode: ranging from easy to mind-bending, players can solve puzzles or anagrams only at the difficulty they prefer. Plus, a dark theme is available for relaxing nighttime play.

Anagrams is available now on Steam and for PC, Mac, and Linux for $7.99, so puzzle lovers can start solving!

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