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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack released for A Total War Saga: TROY

Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack sends two of the Iliad's most renowned warriors to the battlefields of A Total War Saga: TROY . Along with these formidable characters come original new campaign mechanics and epic missions, along with a plethora of period warriors, veteran paragon units, and more.

Ajax and Diomedes
Ajax the Great is the shield protecting the Achaean army, known for its unparalleled strength and imposing stature. Its army relies on slow, but very heavily equipped defensive infantry to hold the line, while its powerful missile units take advantage of protected positions.
Diomedes, King of Argos, is a veteran of the art of warfare, using it to establish Argos as an extremely influential city, only surpassed by the great Mycenae. Its army specializes in crushing attacks with a well-balanced sword and ax infantry, combined with units specializing in rapid flank attacks that act by surprise.

New Lethal Units

With the might of Achaia at their disposal, Ajax & Diomede's army includes 18 new units ready for recruitment. These warriors range from frontline units such as the Argian Ax Warriors and Spearmen of Salamis, to elite factions such as the Ajax Wall and the Argian Master Swordsmen.

Free Content

This faction pack also introduces free content for all A Total War Saga: TROY players. This includes access to Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths and volcanoes, within the pantheon of gods, and the epic divine craftsman agent, who is able to permanently upgrade settlements.

Ajax & Diomedes faction pack
  • 2 new factions - Salamis (Ajax) and Argos (Diomedes).
  • 18 new units - including Salaminian Marines, Argive Master Swordsmen, Ajax Wall and more.
  • Paragon Units - veteran versions of base units led by an officer.
  • 4 new faction mechanics.
  • A new special event to conquer Troy: steal the Palladium.
  • Thebes and its Seven Gates campaign model, as well as its battle map.
  • Free content

New god - Hephaestus
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