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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Black Desert SEA Special updates arrive in New Year 2021

Special updates and events have arrived in Black Desert SEA in preparation for the new year. Adventurers can now take this opportunity to collect powerful rewards and make their latest Nova characters even stronger. 

  A Combat Assistance function has been added to aid new Adventurers who are not familiar with the world of Black Desert. The direction of the nearest enemy will be displayed on screen to help Adventurers identify their targets. This new mode will also enable them to attack nearby enemies when Adventurers are using their skills. On January 1 and 2, Adventurers who complete Black Spirit quests can earn rewards such as Boxes Full of Wishes, which will reward them with a vast amount of special items. Adventurers who hunt until January 5 can also obtain Joyful Pouches of Fortune, which can be used to receive a special quest that will give them exclusive rewards and items.

To celebrate the upcoming new year, World Boss Gear Drop Rates will double until January 13, giving Adventurers a higher chance of obtaining weapon and sub-weapon boxes when they defeat various World Bosses. Moreover, additional buffs will be provided for training with Scarecrows. Books of Training, the item needed for training with Scarecrows, will be offered at a discounted price.

Adventurers can now make their Nova characters even stronger. A special login rewards event and Challenges will be available until January 20 and offer various valuable items.

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