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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Darkest Tales embark on a grim journey with Teddy...

The Darkest Tales. Players are invited to embark on a grim journey together with a determined plush toy named Teddy on the quest to rescue his owner Alicia from the world of corrupted fantasies and somber nightmares.

The Darkest Tales is a hardcore and exciting adventure full of familiar characters and noir landscapes. Transported to the far side of “happily ever after," players will learn about the Little Red Riding Hood’s revised dietary habits, or finally witness the kind of monster Pinocchio grew up to be. And while they are at it, why not lend a hand to an armed-to-the-teeth teddy bear on an important mission? He can't quite stitch it all up by himself!

Every level takes place in a twisted version of an easily recognizable fairy tale rife with combat, obstacles, and secrets. Sure you can select a difficulty level most suited for comfortable play... But why not go all out and conquer the horrors that await the bravest of daredevils in max difficulty mode! After all, what’s life without a little challenge, right..?

The game is currently under development and is planned for release on PC, Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and Add to your wishlist now!

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