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Friday, September 18, 2020

LightBreak A unique story-driven musical game on Kickstarter

What if there was an instrument that visualized your emotions while you played it? 

LightBreak is an art-focused, narrative-driven musical game. Discover the story of Ava, a young traveler who has experienced numerous adventures and now returns home to recount her tales to her mother. Ava, however, has lost her voice, and due to her mother’s blindness, she cannot rely on visual storytelling. Ava’s one form of communication with her mother is via the powerful musical instrument she wields.

LightBreak features unique gameplay, incorporating puzzle elements into music creation. You control the magical instrument that Ava is playing (the Saaz) - to help her connect with her emotions and communicate her journey to her mother.

To be available on - PC Mac Linux Switch PS4 PCVR
Main Features:
  • A novel approach to audio-driven game design
  • Interactive music and sound design by an award-winning composer
  • Storytelling with themes of adventure, family, communication, and good versus evil
  • Visual representations of Ava’s adventures
  • Stunning hand-drawn art
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • A creative mode that supports level creation

LightBreak's main objective is to help Ava play the correct notes on her musical instrument so that she can tell her story and reconnect with Mother after many years of separation.

The gameplay is a novel fusion of audio and puzzle elements. Each face of the magical instrument represents a "track" in the overall mix. In some levels, players must first tune the instrument. As they play each face of the instrument, players will enter a creative flow state as they essentially compose music by manipulating tones. When they find the correct arrangement, the game environment transforms as the instrument renders the complete track and projects the visual representation of Ava's memories connected to that song.

The gameplay occurs in three phases:

  • Tune Phase: Even though the Saaz is a magical artifact, it still sometimes needs to be tuned, but not in the way you might assume. The Saaz requires the player to be in focus. Whomever plays the instrument must be mentally connected to what they want to play. In Tune Phase, you need to help Ava find that connection.
  • Match Phase: When the Saaz is correctly tuned, Ava hears what she wants to play in her head. The Saaz shows her the order of the notes, and you must find the music that she hears in her head by swapping the order of the notes on each face of the Saaz. You must "match" the music that the Saaz plays to the music that Ava hears.
  • Harmony Phase: When you line up all the notes correctly, the magic of the Saaz renders its music to its full potential. At this point, anyone who hears the Saaz's music is affected by its magic and can see Ava's memories in their mind.

They have a playable demo available for download!

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