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Friday, September 04, 2020

DRIFT21 New Content Update Track burning new car and powerful new engine

Drift racing simulation game DRIFT21 will receive a new update to the Steam Early Access version today as part of the ongoing development roadmap.

Released on the Steam Early Access program on May 7th, DRIFT21 puts you behind the wheel of your very own drift racing car as you take on Japan’s legendary EBISU circuits. Choose from a range of fully licensed cars and fine tune your dream drifting machine right down to the smallest engine parts to gain every advantage when on the track. 

In today’s update DRIFT21 welcomes the king of the European drifting tracks, the BMW E46. Players can build their car from scratch or use some of the presets already available in the Quick Race mode. And if players were lacking in power before, there is a mighty V8 engine waiting for them in the garage, which after tuning, will deliver over 1000 horsepower!

There will also be various fixes and updates to the game that have been reported by the community to enhance the player’s driving experience. As part of the ongoing Early Access development roadmap, ECC Games S.A is working with the community to gather feedback on all aspects of the gameplay and content to ensure that DRIFT21 continues to lead the way in the drift racing simulation genre.

DRIFT21 is available to purchase on the Steam Early Access program now for $24.99 £22.49 €24.99

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