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Saturday, September 05, 2020

3 out of 10 Free game Episode 5 Animated Playable Sitcom

Ever wake up and just not feel like yourself? You look in the mirror and just see an empty void where your face once sat. No, seriously—Pylon’s face is gone. When a rigging issue leaves only his eyes afloat above his torso, Pylon needs the help of Midge and Kevin to cure his transparent affliction. Journey forth to a land of enchantment and mystery (Canada) to find a solution for Pylon’s plight, but stay alert! Shovelworks’ losing streak of bad review scores may not be entirely their fault...

In this action-packed season finale, 3 out of 10’s mini games pay homage to video game history and cover both sides of the northern border. As Pylon, escape a makeshift office arena by dodging Viper’s attacks. Brave the mysterious sewer tunnels connecting New England and Canada in a nostalgic top-down dungeon crawler where secret chambers and elusive spider moose guard the path to the Great White North. Reconstruct Pylon’s face in a physics-based, high-score-racking tabletop retro gaming experience. (It’s pinball.)


 Was it a video game? Was it a show? In its debut season, 3 out of 10 defied characterisation at every turn, rewriting the rules of good taste expectations with dozens of game genres and a serialised story released in five instalments over five concurrent weeks. Yet plenty of mysteries remain. Will the Shovelworks crew of well-meaning ne'er-do-wells ever finish Surfing with Sharks? In its final form, will their game be worthy of a review score higher than 3 out of 10? Seriously, Pylon, what’s with the ketchup?

3 out of 10’s complete first season is now available for free exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

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