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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

TERA new dungeons and 64 bit upgrade...

Here are the latest content update for action MMO TERA that features a special charity initiative on console to benefit medical professionals around the world as well as new dungeons on both PC and Console. In addition, the PC version gets an upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit.


For TERA console players, limited-edition face-mask cosmetic items will be available for purchase and proceeds will go to Heart to Heart International to support their humanitarian efforts. This release also marks the arrival of the Grotto of Lost Souls dungeon. Gear up and get ready to continue the story of Hennika and the Red Raiders in this challenging 5-player instance, with twists and surprises that will shock the Valkyon Federation to its core. Read more about the console update here:


 For TERA PC players, get ready to upgrade to 64-bit and enjoy a better overall gameplay experience that opens up new possibilities for future TERA content. In celebration of the new upgrade, players can run a new weekend-only dungeon. This 20-person raid features the mysterious First Corps Commander, Maknakh, a powerful opponent that has new skills and surprises for even the most experienced players. To start your journey, head to the Commander's Residence (located in the Exodor Archipelago) which will be open every weekend starting this Friday (15:00 UTC) and lasting until Sunday (14:59 UTC). Additionally, Two dungeons are returning with new versions in this update. The first is Rift's Edge, which has been adjusted for 5-players and whose loot will include Zenobia's Breeze box. Also returning is a revamped version of RK-9 Kennel (Hard) designed to challenge level 70 characters with optimised gear.

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