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Friday, July 24, 2020

Dumb as Wizards multiplayer arena fun-for-all brawler for up to 4 players - PC

Dumb as Wizards is a hilarious online and local multiplayer, arena wizard brawler. Up to 4 Players control wizards, fighting a free for all battle in a shrinking arena, surrounded by a deadly void. Players whale on each other with a myriad crazy spells, pushing enemies to their death in the void, to be the last man standing.

Dumb as Wizards started as a side project, it was meant to be a quick prototype that Random Dragon could quickly prove to be fun or discard, at that point being just cubes shooting spheres. It quickly became apparent that the concept was solid, but due to other projects, it would be months before we could further prototype, showcase and validate the project.
The production has been focused on showing rather than telling, Random Dragon has showcased and tested Dumb as Wizards with outsiders since it was hideous and will continue to do so until and after it is released fully, this is part of the reason Early Access makes sense for the title, Random Dragon can gather feedback and validate with the user base, get suggestions for Customization options, spells and more.


  • Whale on your friends in fast paced arena combat!
  • Crazy spells, like the chicken shotgun and whale falling from the sky
  • Local and online multiplayer
  • No global cool down, for complete build free dumb.
  • Multiple ways to play, including single player/coop Defend the Eye, randomised Chaos mode and Roulette mode (with more added later).

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