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Friday, June 19, 2020

Ylands Update 1.3 Watery Water

Summer is fast approaching and would like to invite you for an unforgettable seaside adventure, in our latest Ylands update: Update 1.3 Watery Water.

Dive deep into the sea of content we have stuffed this update with, ranging from deep sea exploration to Editor improvements and additions. Whether you are a die-hard exploration fan or a renowned Creator - there is something for everyone in this update.

So grab your swimsuits and snorkels - let's dive in!

Update 1.3 - Watery Water - major features

  • Brave the depths: strap on the new scuba gear and explore the many random encounters we have sprinkled the sea floor with. Discover wreckages of old cargo ships (and alien saucers), monuments from a bygone era or a secret botanical facility.
  • Renewable resources: for those brave enough to conquer the depths, these new encounters provide a source of renewable resources - eliminating the late-game resource deficit.
  • Water is your playground: use the new water volume tool in the Editor to create your very own puddles or lakes.
  • My other horse is an ostrich: almost every existing creature can now be tamed, ridden and some even harvested. Not only are these beautiful new beasts of burden marvellous to look at, some of them can be "persuaded" to part with their home-grown, organic milk & wool.
  • The world is your tapestry: mold the land to your liking with our brand new terraforming tools - making it easier than ever to sculpt the landscape.
  • You're basic: you don't have to be remarkable to get recognised. Unlock your true building potential with our new basic shapes - available in the Editor.
  • V for Visual: Visual Scripting received a visually pleasing visual overhaul
  • Just the tip of the iceberg: we've also added a host of other new features, improvements and bug fixes to the game.

Change log...

Feature Highlights

Editor Improvements

  • NPC Templates
  • Custom Skills
  • Visual Scripting Graphical Overhaul
  • Game Storage Improvements
  • Screen shake option in Visual Scripting
  • Custom Controls Update
  • New Events in Event Listener
  • Camera Preview
  • Two new AI control instructions
  • Fixed several bugs which were causing Scripts to stop working on DS

Water Improvements

  • Water volume tools - add bodies of water in the Editor, water volume game logic, regenerating ocean surface
  • Scuba diving equipment

Underwater random encounters

  • Encounters with randomly generated and re-spawning resources on the ocean floor

Taming and riding more animals

  • Taming system overhaul
  • More animals can be tamed and ridden now
  • New options to pet animals, milk goats, and shear sheep

Terraforming Improvements

  • Changes for Flatten and Smooth
  • UI refreshed

Scripting examples in the Editor Wizard

  • Scenarios showcasing basic scripting

Actor Particles

  • Effects visible on clothing and NPC actors

Shooting and Throwing Improvements

Basic Shapes

  • Adjustable shapes made of basic building blocks for more creative freedom

Audio Improvements

  • Two new music tracks for the Editor
  • Ambient sound override

Map Changes

Mobile UI Improvements

Screenshot System

Compass for Random Encounters

New Music Tracks

New Assets

  • Sea wooden chest
  • Sea metal chest
  • Giant clam chest
  • Wooden lever
  • Stone lever
  • Mussel
  • Stone valve
  • Iron valve
  • Wooden valve
  • Milking bucket
  • Sheep shears
  • Sheep wool
  • Small rock
  • Medium rock
  • Large rock
  • Animal pen
  • Glowing coral (3x)
  • Iron button (5x)
  • Plastic button (5x)
  • Stone button (5x)
  • Scuba helmet
  • Scuba mask
  • Scuba snorkel
  • Milk
  • Goat bait
  • Sheep bait
  • Camel bait
  • Ostrich bait
  • Boar bait
  • Rabbit bait
  • Deer bait
  • Crab bait
  • Monitor lizard bait
  • Penguin bait
  • Big cat bait
  • Bear bait
  • Wolf bait
  • Hyena bait
  • Honeybadger bait
  • Rhino bait
  • Mutated animal bait
  • Horse bait
  • Pixel cube
  • Breathing sack
  • Iron air tank
  • Zirconium air tank
  • Steam ship
  • Shipwreck (7x)
  • Iron war pick
  • Stone war pick
  • Thick Tom cannon
  • Wooden lance
  • Small iron gate
  • Maya hat
  • Maya skirt
  • Maya tunic
  • Maya shoes
  • Steel ladder
  • Steel ship helm
  • Anchor lever
  • Hawaii pizza part
  • Hawaii pizza slice
  • Small wooden fence (5x)
  • Steam ship hull aft
  • Steam ship hull fore
  • Wooden golem


[YLD-23699] Added: Editor: Snap Angles option for the terrain Add/Remove/Flatten which ensures the orientation of an operation to be strictly horizontal or vertical

[YLD-22787] Added: Editor: Direction lock option for the terrain Add/Remove/Flatten. The chosen direction of a terraforming operation remains fixed during the operation

[YLD-22709] Added: Terrain Paint overhauled into a volumetric operation. This allows painting arbitrarily oriented terrain without any omitted spots

[YLD-22786] Added: Terrain Flatten overhauled into a volumetric operation. This allows to flatten arbitrarily oriented terrain like walls and ceilings, make ramps, etc.. Supports the intensity setting in the editor

[YLD-22788] Added: Terrain Add/Remove/Flatten/Smooth/Paint now use 2D brushes (circle/square) oriented accordingly to the slope of the pointed terrain

[YLD-22786] Added: Terrain Smooth overhauled into a volumetric operation - can now smooth any surfaces like walls and ceilings; uses the 2D oriented brushes; supports the intensity setting in the editor

[YLD-23832] Added: Editor: option to disable killme/setpve commands in custom game

[YLD-23722] Added: VS: Overlap sphere/block/capsule tiles

Added: Icons for editor

Added: Particles - Fire Ball, Frost Ball, Lightning Ball

Added: New underwater particle effects - School of fish, School of fish Big, Rising Bubbles

[YLD-23155] Tweaked: Make all building blocks unpickable by default

[YLD-23825] Tweaked: Editor: creatures are frozen in more natural pose

[YLD-23787] Tweaked: Friends: If you reject another player's friend request, the said player will no longer receive a notification informing them about the rejection.

[YLD-23769] Tweaked: Editor: custom resistance can be now between 0 - 1 000 000 (which is max damage number)

[YLD-22948] Tweaked: Editor: item stored in first inventory slot in Player role is now first active item in a game

Tweaked: Editor: in language using decimal comma there was an issue that in properties there was comma but you were able to fill only numbers with decimal point (now shows/input numbers with decimal point always)

Tweaked: Rented Servers: Trying to turn on expired server results in Server subscription has expired error instead of generic Could not complete backend task.

Tweaked: Faster steps in walk cycle animation


[YLD-24119] Fixed: Editor: scaling of lightning particle (not all parts of the particle were scaled -> you may need to adjust position of already used lightning particles with scale different from 1.0)

[YLD-24083] Fixed: Editor: position and rotation animator references inside entity templates are not stored for newly created in compositions

[YLD-24011] Fixed: Editor: created composition from cloned objects could have inside game logic objects from the original objects

[YLD-23696] Fixed: Editor: Undo/redo of deleting objects did not contain change of selection

[YLD-23937] Fixed: Editor: indestructible items were still breakable/destroyable through Item detail window

[YLD-23750] Fixed: Editor: rapid camera movement after big FPS drops

[YLD-22130] Fixed: Editor: Animated spawn point spawns player at 0,0,0.

[YLD-23668] Fixed: Editor: Copy of custom camera referencing any object was referencing always original object

[YLD-11717] Fixed: Editor: Undo of deleting Spawn point referenced in other game logic objects did not recover those references

Fixed: Editor: Ai Behaviour - Patrol with empty Reference points prevented to test it without any notification

[YLD-23727] Fixed: VS: games using Game logic storages could break a game on DS after a while

[YLD-23700] Fixed: VS: deleted Game variables were not correctly refreshed in VS window

[YLD-23670] Fixed: VS: saved "delayed functions" in save game could break a save game.

Fixed: VS: in some cases both custom and default action were performed on PC. Now custom action always overrides the default one on both PC and mobile.

[YLD-23889] Fixed: Friends: If you invited a player to your clan and then dismantled the clan before the player managed to accept the invitation, you could no longer invite them to another clan until you restarted the whole game.

[YLD-24165] Fixed: There should not be temporary holes in the ocean while loading new blocks while traveling on the sea or swimming underwater

[YLD-23256] Fixed: Golden pebble from gold pouch can be duplicated after trading

[YLD-23002] Fixed: In some cases particle effects with custom textures were not visible

[YLD-24094] Fixed: Microsoft Store version of the game should now display Bohemia Interactive logo correctly upon startup

[YLD-26924] Fixed: Distant ocean tiles should not make visual artifacts anymore on shores of Ylands when the player is underwater

[YLD-23899] Fixed: Quick workshop upload would unpublish the creation.

[YLD-23761] Fixed: An issue where if we added new recipes into the game, they would not show in older Sandbox saves (or any other game modes where you should have access to everything) unless you'd found some of the needed ingredients.

[YLD-23469] Fixed: An issue where if you built and connected a tesla coil and then went to another island and built a new tesla coil, the second tesla coil would be able to shoot even without being connected to a source of energy and even after destroying it.

[YLD-23646] Fixed: Genesys playtest should show clear weather preset correctly now

[YLD-23418] Fixed: Add friend button appears when removing someone from a clan

[YLD-23672] Fixed: When joining a server with scenario that is no longer available, the user would get a generic "Unspecified error"

[YLD-18767] Fixed: Items: Festive ornament can not be stacked together

[YLD-23272] Fixed: Server saves sometimes get swapped for a different save.

[YLD-21874] Fixed: Chat system would sometimes disconnect for no apparent reason and would not reconnect until the whole game was restarted.

[YLD-24309] Fixed: A memory leak when operating a workstation without opening its GUI.

Fixed: Editor export or play test no longer clears available remove steps for rest of session.

Fixed: An issue where if you had above 100 blocked users, the game would be stuck in an endless loop.

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