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Thursday, May 21, 2020

RPG Puzzler 'DemonCrawl' releases "Sweeping Heights" Expansion June 2nd

DemonCrawl is a puzzle rogue lite that combines the addicting gameplay of Minesweeper with hundreds of unique items, stages, and abilities!

Featuring over 500 unique items to help you solve puzzles, there are always new content and strategies to explore. DemonCrawl's open-ended player progression has you find Tokens while playing and spend them on Talents that complement your play style. Experiment with different builds in DemonCrawl by creating multiple profiles.

Sweeping Heights Update Features:

  • 7 new masteries that dramatically alter gameplay
  • Over 50 new items
  • The Endless Multiverse 2.0
  • Bosses now have powerful boss mods
  • New meta progression system called "Sigils." These new endgame items have randomised properties that can be rerolled using crafting materials
  • Beyond Quest overhaul - more intricate/refined system for creating Beyond quests
  • 5 new special stages: the Guild, Academy, Lighthouse, Smithy, and Star pond
  • 4 new strangers: the Doctor, Gambler, Mage and Guide
  • Ability to sell artefacts and other meta progression materials for Tokens
  • Completing the daily Hero Trial now rewards you with a prize box instead of a flat amount of Tokens
  • Tons of quality of life and bug fixes

The Endless Multiverse 2.0

The Endless Multiverse 2.0 completely reinvigorates DemonCrawl's current endgame. Dimensional Portals no longer require you to sacrifice items or stats to proceed. Instead, they will automatically reset your inventory and stats to starting values. The Metagate will acquire a new "Portal Mod" with each dimension. These special mods will impact the difficulty of the following dimension in interesting ways.

Other Endless Multiverse Features

  • New stranger: Guide - Exclusive to the Metagate. He will help you whitelist certain items or stats when you enter the Dimensional Portal. Unlike most strangers, you may only pay each Guide once.
  • New legendary items: Memento - Found only in Endless Multiverse Item Shops, each Memento presents a mini-quests of sorts; if you can meet its conditions, you will receive a buff at the start of the next dimension. There is a Memento based around the mechanics of each Mastery.
  • New landmark: Vault - The Vault allows you to deposit a specific item that will persist between dimensions. You can retrieve this item from the next Vault you encounter, however you must leave another item in its place.

DemonCrawl is currently available on Windows PC for $14.99.

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